The Fear of Life

The Fear of Life

There are always things that people are afraid of and fear in life. People have fears that are greater than typical phobias like being afraid of spiders.

There are general fears that I think that everyone has one point or another in life. I know I fear almost all of these every day.

–          Being forever alone with 69 cats and no friends of life.

–          Your computer being your one and only friend.

–          Not being successful and growing up with people who turn into a miniature version of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs but not you, success just isn’t for you.

–          Not being good enough for someone who is important to you. Everything you do for this person or people will never be good for them and they want or expect more from you which is sometimes impossible.

–          Letting a significant person in your life down, like your parents or loved one. This has to be the worst feeling in the world and hopefully this day won’t ever come in anyone’s life but if it does, it sucks!

–          Taking the wrong advice from a person you trust or just from anyone in general and it has a trickle-down effect like dominos and then everything after that is ruined.

–          Not having any control on where your life is heading. The world is constantly changing and moving, it can’t wait for everyone.

–          Not being able to solve your own problems and always depending on someone.

–          Being left behind. Everyone moves on at one point or another, whether your best friend gets a new boyfriend or they go to a different grad-school than you or have a different career path.

–          When a day comes that your best friend or significant other stops liking you, as a person, as a lover or as a friend.

–          Death. Maybe it is because I watch way too many episodes of 1000 ways to die, or because it is just reality, death is around every corner and it could happen at any time.


I know it isn’t the best way to think and it isn’t a positive outlook to think about all the things that could go wrong, but thinking realistically is sometimes necessary.

Knowing that you didn’t study and will fail a test that you are having tomorrow isn’t always the most optimistic way to look at life but I think it is better to think realistically instead of assuming you will pass a test you didn’t study for and then finding out you got a 32 on the exam.

I don’t think thinking realistically is always the worst thing a person can do; it prepares you for what might happen in life. I think that being prepared is always better than having unexpected surprises in life that you don’t want.

Thinking realistically can mess with your brain and give you more of a negative outlook to life but sometimes that is necessary. Thinking realistically can be a bad thing also, (if you are me and you constantly think that life is out to get you).

Afterall, everyone has a different view of life: the optimist thinks that the cup is half full, the pessimist thinks that they cup is half empty, the realist drinks what is in the cup and refills it.