The Truth About Lying


The Truth About Lying

A” little while lie” won’t hurt anyone… once in a while.

“You look great!”

“I never said that!”

“I’m on my way!”

These are just the few typical “little while lies” that everyone tells on a day to day basis. But what happens when these little while lies turn into a bigger lie and it catches up to you?

Okay, I know it’s wrong to lie but some lies are justifiable. Some people get ridiculously upset about little lies which can be acceptable but some people push it.

Typical lies: may be subject to change depending on mood

“I’ve been realllly busy lately”- “My phone is acting really weird”- “I can’t go, I just don’t feel well.” – “I’m broke” – “I’m on a diet” – “Yeah! Your boyfriend is really cute!” – “I’m going to the gym this week”- “I’m not mad at you” – “I’m not drinking this weekend” and the best one of all time … “It was great seeing you.”

Now I tell “little white lies” to people that I am not close friends with, and sometimes I can’t control saying things such as “It was great to see you” when I really don’t mean it. There is something that clicks in a person’s mind that they notice when they are telling a lie but don’t know how to stop themselves.

I have been slowly decreasing the amount of “white lies” that I have been telling and when I do catch myself saying something that isn’t true, I stop myself.

Many people don’t think that saying a “little white lie” is a big deal but when it comes back to haunt you or better yet, bite you in the ass, you will regret saying it.

I know someone who told so many lies throughout her life and she told them mostly to her close friends that she lost friendships because of it. This person used to be my best friend and I personally couldn’t stay her friend after all the things she would say to me and the lies she would tell me. She went as far as lying about a health concern and saying that she was pregnant but had an abortion when that wasn’t true at all. Seems like a crazy story right??? Well it was, but the final straw was when I realized she was a pathological liar.

I hopefully taught her a lesson as well as learned one myself on why little white lies won’t harm much but when you excessively lie and don’t know how to stop it, that is when the problem occurs and people can’t stop.

“Little white liars” are different then pathological liars. Little white lies are lies that are deliberate but that aren’t intended to have any victims. Pathological liars are liars who lie to serve their own needs. Whether it is to make them happy or make them look “cooler”, pathological liars are on the spectrum of being selfish liars.

A pathological liar might think that they have reasons to lie, and in their own minds they do but in reality, lying is never acceptable.

How to tell when a person is lying?

–          Avoidance of eye contact

–          Change of voice

–          Body Language

–          Contradicting yourself


But honestly, figuring out what is driving you to lie is the first step. Stopping before it is too late is the best advice around but noticing that it is happening is important as well. Seriously, cut the lying game out before you can’t stop or worse, lose someone over it.