That’s all for now folks

Thats all for now folks

The beginning of your semester compared to the end of your semester is a lot different than many people think.

While some people have been slacking all semester until the end, other students tried really hard in the beginning and are now slacking; they can’t wait for the break to start.

Beginning of the semester:

–          “ I am going to try to do all my reading this semester”

–          “I have so much money from my summer job!”

–          “I can’t wait to make new friends.”

–          “I’m going to keep my room clean this semester.”

–          “I am going to eat right this semester and actually go to the gym.”

–          “I am going to keep all my notes organized this semester.”

–          “I am going to spend my money wisely and not on beer but on textbooks.”

End of the semester: There is no need for a list in this category because we all know that those who have said these things don’t stick to them and therefore we bring ourselves to this point.

Spark notes became out best friend, we are broke, we spent most of our money on beer or clothes, we haven’t made new friends and actually hate more people this time around, we can’t find out bed underneath all the books and clothes in our room which aren’t clean, we probably gained 10 pounds from stress or lost 10 pounds from stress, we can’t find any of our work from a week ago that we need for a final.

This is college.

This is life for now.

But summing up the semester, if you fought through all the things that the average college student doesn’t fight through then CONGRATULATIONS !!!! you beat the odds.

But this isn’t about the things that we have done wrong this semester (although it seems like it) if you got this far  you now get great advice on how not to do this again!!!!

Summing up the semester and thinking back on what happened is always the best and worst part of the end.

I am so happy that this semester is slowly coming to an end and the second half of my junior year is slowly coming to a start. So many things happened this semester that can and cannot be changed.

A lot of things, for the most part, that happened were pointless and stupid which is how it usually is in every college students’ life, but a lot of things that happened, happened for the better.

While every college student is going through: family problems, school problems, financial problems, friend problems, relationship problems, it’s good to remember the highlights of every semester and not to look at it for the bad but for the good that happened.

(here is the advice) Start to think of New Year’s resolutions and begin to work on them now instead of waiting for the New Year. Get a head start.

Don’t be the typical college student and wait until the last minute to do everything. Do what you need to do early so you can enjoy the end of your semester with your friends and so you don’t have to be stressed before your holiday.

Do not fall behind in your work and spend your time doing nothing because then you fail and you become a disappointment to your family and friends and no one likes a failure.

But from my opinion, honestly, remember why you are here. Remember why you are going to be broke in college loan debt for the next 10 years. Remember why you are living in dorms with no hot water and in hotels with a 30 minute commute. Remember why you get on that bus or metro north every day to get to an 8:30 am class. What is important that that you remember why you are where you are and don’t forget what to do to get you out of here and onto a path in the “real world”.