Don’t be a Pet Peeve !

Dont be a Pet Peeve !

Erminia Errante, Managing Editor

The worst possible thing to do is to bother me when I am in an irritated mood. I have so many pet peeves; sometimes I think it is a problem. I also have really bad OCD, which doesn’t help the situation.

Pet peeves can turn people off to so many things, whether it being other people, places or objects, pet peeves are a big deal. Some people don’t like being looked at while other people don’t like being touched. Everyone has something that bothers them A LOT.

Pet peeves in college are almost impossible to have and not to have at the same time.

When you are in college and you have a lot of pet peeves, it isn’t possible to live in a dormitory with people who will always be messing with your pet peeves. If you like quiet, or cleanliness or studying alone, there is a surprise in store for you. NONE of that ever happens in college.

There is a difference between wanting and liking something or needing something. Wanting or liking quietness is different from needing quietness in order not to lose your mind. Some people are easily affected by pet peeves like that.

On the other hand, some people can study at a bar with strippers in there face and booze everywhere. Some people can still have the mental capacity to sit down, study and focus.

I get distracted very easily, which is the one pet peeve about myself that I hate.

I am the type of person who gets annoyed at the smallest things. I hate when I am concentrated and someone comes to distract me. I wish the worst possible things to those people. I hate when I have a deadline which means that I am stressed and worried and I get annoyed and distracted because someone decided to start juggling, yelling, bouncing balls or doing something silly and pointless to take my attention away from my assignment.

While just sitting in the lounge, at Mercy College, I asked people who were studying what their pet peeves are. I got a variety of answers from stupid to serious.

One person said, “I hate when people don’t type with all their fingers in a proper stance,” while I am typing away with two fingers and slouched.

Another person said that they don’t have pet peeves and they are able to study and focus with anything around them. This person went on saying that nothing could ever annoy them and they just go with the flow.

The last person that was in the lounge went on a 15 minute explanation on what they hate. They hate when people are late, when people wear socks and sandals, when people don’t have matching socks on and wobbly tables. There were about another 15 things on this person list, but since I know this person personally, I know it is true and they are easily annoyed at the slightest wrong move.

College did a segment of the top 25 things that bother most college students. The top ten things that are pet peeves consist of people who ask questions during movies, hipsters, loud chewing, people who wait in line to order food , then don’t know what they want, people who try to board the subway before passengers exit, tangled ear buds, crying children in public places, people who make noise in movie theaters, slow walkers and the duck face.

While many people don’t notice how annoying they can be by doing the smallest things, you should try your hardest to be considerate around other people.