Old Game Going Viral


On Jul. 15 of 2018, a game was released that is called Among Us. It is played either on a person’s cell phone or on a PC. It is a game where people are either an impostor or a crewmate. The game is mostly played on a spaceship and the people are wearing colored space suits. All around the map are vents that the impostor can travel through and get to places quickly.

Sometimes there is more than one impostor. The impostor(s) job is to kill and sabotage everyone. The crewmates have to figure out who among them is the impostor without everyone being killed by the impostor.

Also, the crewmates have various tasks they need to complete. There are two ways to win this game if someone is a crewmate and it’s either the crewmates figure out who is the impostor and cast them out or they all finish their various tasks.

Now the impostor wins by only killing everyone. This can be very tricky for those playing on a mobile phone.

This game requires a lot of patience and strategy. Everyone must not trust each other because they never know if the impostor is listening. Even when a crewmate is dead they can still try to finish any tasks they have leftover.

Also even when an impostor is dead they can still sabotage rooms and even sabotage the lights by making them shut off for no reason. This game is a lot of fun to play, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This game can really help if someone is stressed or just can not find anything to do with their time. This game is free to play amongst all ages and genders. This can really pass the time if someone is waiting for someone or something.

The only difference between the phone version and the PC version is that the PC version allows for voice chat meaning people can talk to other people in the game via headset and the phone version does not allow that.

The only way people can talk to each other in the game is by sending messages to and from each other by the message box in the game. So that is the only downside between the phone and PC versions other than that it’s pretty fun.

One way to talk to friends while on the phone version is to wear headphones and call them otherwise they are not going to be able to talk. Also whoever is the host of that game can change the game settings before the game begins.

When the game begins everyone has a list of tasks they have to do, even the impostor. The impostor’s tasks are different, their tasks are different there known as fake tasks.

So with these fake tasks, the impostor can enter a room and pretend to do a task and if they’re lucky and only one person is in that room, they can quickly kill them and travel through the vents without anyone noticing or suspecting a thing. If a crew mate sees the impostor kill or travel through a vent then it is game over for the impostor.

The impostor can try to flip the accusation and say it was the crewmate who killed or traveled through a vent but mostly everyone is going to believe the crewmate.

If a dead body is reported then the impostor has to be careful not to reveal too much information or they are going to cast the impostor out. A crewmate can be confused for an impostor because everyone including the impostor is wearing the same outfit.

Some people prefer to be the imposter and some prefer to be a crewmate but the game decides for them there is no preference in the game.

It is so fun being the impostor because then people don’t have to do any tasks just kill and sabotage rooms. Sometimes the impostor can be a friend and they might kill another friend so be careful.

Of course, some people end up getting angry if they’re killed or cast out but as long as they have fun, they’re going to continue the game. So everyone who has played this game whether they’re a crewmate or imposter has really enjoyed themselves.