The Greatest Championship in Sports


Tonight begins the World Series for 2020. The teams that are playing against each other this year are the Tampa Bay Rays against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It is a best of 4-game series meaning which ever team beats the opposing team wins the World Series. Now it is allowed to be a 7-game series if it is deemed necessary.

If it comes to a game 7 that means that both teams have won 3 games and must play game 7 to win the World Series. The World Series is every year with one team who plays in the American League (this case the Tampa Bay Rays) against a team who plays in the National League  (which is the Los Angeles Dodgers).

Not many teams have played in the World Series or won it. The last time the Rays were in the World Series was in 2008 and they lost it against the Philadelphia Phillies.

The last time the dodgers were in the World Series was in 2018 and they lost against the Boston Red Sox.

This year’s World Series will be different due to pandemic.

Usually the World Series is played in both the teams stadiums but now it is played in one location and that location is Arlington, Texas.

The Tampa Bay Rays were the number 1 seed in their division, same with the Los Angeles Dodgers. So this year’s World Series is about to be a good one to watch.

My prediction for the World Series is the LA Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Rays 4-3 in a game 7.

A long time ago the Dodgers were based in Brooklyn, New York and the San Francisco Giants were called the New York Giants.

When the Mets came to the MLB in 1962 the Dodgers and Giants had to move to California. They became the New York Mets taking both blue from the Dodgers and orange from the Giants.

In 1998 the Tampa Bay Rays were known as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They were known as the Devil Rays from 1998-2003. In 2004, they shortened Devil Rays to just Rays and from that day on it was known as the Tampa Bay Rays.

I was hoping it would have been the New York Yankees vs. the LA Dodgers but unfortunately the Yankees were eliminated by the Rays in the American League divisional series.

That’s the reason why I am going for the LA Dodgers in the World Series. I mean after the Dodgers started out as a New York team.

In order to make the World Series the Tampa Bay Rays had to the Houston Astro’s 3 games in order to qualify for the World Series.

The LA Dodgers had to beat the Atlanta Braves 3 games in order to qualify for the World Series.

The team that has won the most World Series championships are the New York Yankees with a record of 27-40 in the World Series. The last time the Yankees won the World Series was in 2009.

The World Series is the best for me because baseball was the first sport I ever seen and I grew up with it in my life.

I have been to a playoff game before but if somehow I would be able to go a a World Series game that would be something else.

When the Dodgers were in Brooklyn they play at a play called Ebbets Field, it is now torn down.

Jackie Robinson has played for the Brooklyn Dodgers and broke the color barrier in baseball. That why every year on April 15th all the players from all teams wear the number 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson.

The number 42 is the only one retired in all of baseball. In 1942, was Jackie Robinson’s rookie year and in they same year the Brooklyn Dodgers went on to play the Yankees in the World Series.

The Dodgers today have a great pitcher by the name of Clayton Kershaw. His fastballs are among the fastest in the league. He wears the number 22 on the Dodgers. He has played for the Dodgers since his debut to the MLB in 2008. That would make 13 seasons he’s played for the LA Dodgers.

That is a long time to be playing for a team. The Dodgers have acquired Mookie Betts who had won the 2018 World Series with the Boston Red Sox.