Plot Twist: Short Girls Rule The World!

Plot Twist: Short Girls Rule The World!

Elizabeth Berlin, Impact Staff

Many people think that being short is such a disadvantage. I get made fun of all the time for being short and not being able to do certain things because of my height. Have you ever stopped to wonder all of the advantages of being short?

For years I hated being short because of all of the negative repercussions that come with it. Now that I have realized how lucky I am to be short, I feel sorry for tall people because they are missing out.

When you are short, almost everything is cheaper. For example, I get my shoes so cheap. All I have to do is walk over to the kid’s section and pick out a pair of shoes that are half the price. Most of the time you can get kids shoes that look almost identical to adult shoes that are so much cheaper. I got a pair of Uggs for half of the usual price, because I got a kids size.

Shoes aren’t the end of it though. When I was younger, I used to get into movies and theme parks with out having to pay the full price. I remember my dad used to throw me over his shoulder and I would pretend I was sleeping so people really had no clue how old I really was.

When you’re shorter, people mistake how old you are all of the time. I usually don’t care when people tell me that I look 12 years old, when I am really 20. Many years from now, all the other people my age will actually look my age, and I will always look younger than I really am. My mom is short, and people never think that she is the age that she actually is. Being short is an illusion really.

Because I am so short, I will never have the problem of trying to find a guy to date that is taller than me, or who looks good standing next to me. All of my tall friends have such an issue finding guys that look good standing next to them, but not me. I will never have that issue. I prefer dating really tall guys, for what ever reason that is my type, but I don’t ever have to question whether or not I look good next to someone because of my height.

I even have my own flirting tactic. I have never had to use it, but I have always imagined how I would if necessary. If I were ever in a super market or a store and there was something that was too high and out of my reach, I can ask ever so kindly to a nice tall man to get it down for me. I then would flirt and start a conversation to reel them in. Cliché I know, but hey, what ever works right?

I am sick and tired of being made fun of for being short. I should start making fun of everyone else for being so tall really. They are the ones missing out, not me. I have such an advantage in so many things that there shouldn’t be any reason to pick on me, or any short person for that matter. They say that people make fun of one another because they are all just jealous, so maybe everyone is just jealous of me. After all, I do get picked on a lot.