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Elizabeth Berlin
Elizabeth Berlin is a Business Honors student and ambassador at Mercy College School of Business. She is an undergraduate majoring in Marketing and Finance. Her dream is to one day work at Bloomberg. She plans to receive as much experience as she can in order to reach her goals and make her dreams come to a reality. Elizabeth is currently involved in many different clubs, organizations, and activities, which she manages very well. She enjoys keeping busy, because she does not want to waste any time out of her day. Her goals are to be successful in everything and anything that she does. She is very open to trying new things, because she likes to take every opportunity that she can. She has a passion for working with, and helping people. She likes to make others around her happy, and with her positive attitude, she is able to do just that.

She writes the column The Future's Voice.

She can be reached at [email protected]

Elizabeth Berlin, Impact Staff

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Elizabeth Berlin