But I Am Not A Lesbian!

But I Am Not A Lesbian!

Elizabeth Berlin, Impact Staff

My entire life, I never looked like the typical little girl. You all know that I am really short, I already explained that. I have never looked like the pretty blonde Barbie girl. I have wanted to, and I tried making all the un-surgical enhancements, but I never was the person, I wanted to be.

Being in college, makes you be-friend people that you never thought you would be friends with in your entire life. It is a completely different world. They don’t judge you, and they actually care about how you feel.

I am having that experience right now. They call me Miss Mercy because my face is everywhere, being that I am the poster child, but I am also friends with almost every friend group on campus.

I was an athlete my entire life so naturally I started becoming friends will all of the athletic teams.

It started with the softball team, and then I have just branched out to every other team as well. I am the number one fan, really. I love supporting all of them and making an attempt to provide school spirit through out Mercy.

High school was not really my favorite era in my life, but college is completely different. I have made so many friends and I appreciate every single friend ship that I have made.

It is nice having people to rely on as well as having people rely on you. There is a sense of trust and companionship that is hard to explain really. Not having that friend ship in high school makes you appreciate what you have now in college.

There is only one thing. Everyone that I hang out with is gay. Now, there is no problem that I hang out with gay people and I am not a homophobe by any means, its just ironic that all of my friends are lesbians.

Because of the people I hang out with, I am viewed a specific way, gay.

Now, I am one of the straightest people that you probably will ever meet, but I guess I am confusing people when I walk around with all of my friends who happen to be gay.

Everyone thinks I am gay. At first it was a funny joke, but now people are really starting to question whether I am gay or not. I am not gay. I cannot say it enough.

I used to care about my image a lot, but lately I have been really trying to just do me and not care about what any one has to say about me. It’s this whole self-confidence thing that I am trying out.

So what if people call me gay or think that I am gay. It is annoying, but honestly at this point, what am I going to do about it. All I can do is keep my head high because in the end of the day, I know what I am.

Call me what you want. I am not gay. I do not care about if people think I am gay any more, because I know what I am and gay is what I am not.