It Only Takes One Decision To Make A Change

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Gualtiero Boffi

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Elizabeth Berlin, Impact Staff

“If you think you are too small to make an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito,” a quote by Anita Reddick, and a statement that has not only changed my life, but my outlook on so many things.

One would think it would be hard for just one person to make an impact, but it isn’t. Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, and Adolf Hitler are all people who have changed people’s lives, whether it was good or bad.

I used to wonder how I could make a difference and change people’s lives like these three leaders have. All of my theories came down to one conclusion, taking the first step and making the decision to make a change.

Since beginning my college education I have created the Spirit Squad, which is an organization, designed to not only give students the ability to express themselves, but to provide a bigger essence of school spirit to Mercy College.

This year we, the Spirit Squad, have accomplished so much. We were able to fundraise enough money to buy new uniforms and look well presented as we performed during the home basket ball games.

We welcomed students, faculty, and staff as they arrived to the Presidents Inauguration, and we showed Mercy pride during the accepted students days.

The Spirit Squad aims to provide Mercy College with a sense of empowerment and spirit like never before.

Although next year I will not be on the eboard, I will continue to take this squad to new heights.

I am also involved in the Student Government Association, and was elected Vice President for the 2015-2016 academic year. Being a part of the Student Government Association, I have been able to speak on behalf of the students and do my very best to care for the changes they want made at the college.

Many of the students are concerned that there are not enough activities to do through out the year, and although the SGA is not an event planning organization, we wanted to cater to the students.

One of the things that we did this year was host our second annual Spring Formal, which was a huge success. We had students from the Dobbs Ferry, Manhattan and Bronx campuses join in on the event.

This year, after pulling many teeth, we were able to host the event in the Rotunda, which made the Spring Formal more “formal.”

We believe that the students and faculty truly enjoyed this event and we are excited for next years turn out.

They say college is where you find your niche. My niche is making a difference. I have made a difference on my campus, in my family and peers lives, and my own life as well. As I learn and grow, I hope to continue to make a difference in peoples lives.

Like the leaders I have mentioned, it only takes one decision to change the world. I am only one person, but like a mosquito, I can and will make an impact.