I Want Equality; Men Have To Pay

I Want Equality; Men Have To Pay

Ever since the dawn of time…or whenever humans started to go on dates the rule was men paid for the date. This meant the event, the car drive, and the meal. My dilemma is if women (and by that I mean women who don’t work, feminist, women who want rich men, etc.) want to have all the rights as man, why do women assume men have to pay for everything?

And this blog is not a rant on all women. There are women who have jobs/careers and support themselves, their partners, and their families. However, the women who want justice are also the women who want the men to pay. It just doesn’t make sense, and this leads into the stereotype that all women are gold digger.

So why do men still have to pay for the girl’s meal even when both people are working members or society? Is it an act of shivery, or a demand that feminist created?

There should be an act of interest between men and women. You should get to know each other first, know what each person does and what they are capable for. If a man pays for a date he is attracted to the woman and he is being polite. I always suggest paying my share, if he says no I suggest the tip, if he still says no I always say thank you and offer to treat him out.

I remember going on dates where the guy took me to two or more locations. I would suggest paying part of the date i.e. the movie, or if it is outside (like a picnic or park activity, I would pay for that part of the date.) That way the guy is not overwhelmed with spending all this money in one day. Now if the guy says “No I got it,” or “It’s on me” you should appreciate the offer. Treating the guy on a date tells him you respect what he has done, and you want to repay him for his generous offer. If you do treat the guy on a date don’t only go to a restaurant and pay the bill and assume everything is a-okay. If he paid more than $30 at TGIF Fridays, you should pay more on your date; because that would make it equal right?

These are some of my dating dilemmas that I have. Tell me your dating suggestions and whether you agree or disagree with my opinion.