And You Do Not have a Pet Because?

And You Do Not have a Pet Because?

I believe having a pet is absolutely awesome. From my experience of having multiple pets growing up, having one is simply the best. My pets have taught me many values and appreciations in life that I am grateful for. Here are some reasons why I believe you should go out and get a loving pet.

With life comes a great deal of stress. Having pets is a great way to have that stress alleviated. Life is filled with many challenges. We live in a fast paced world and it can sometimes cause our mental and physical health to decrease. The reason why pets can help with stress is because they are like having a non judgmental friend who listens to you.

Coming home from a really stressful day at work, and who is there waiting for you at the door with unconditional love? Your dependable pet. You can talk to them all day letting out all of your worries, anger, sadness or even just a great story that happened that day. It does not matter what you say, your pet will be there for you. They probably won’t mind because while telling them your life long story of how you hate your boss, you are also most likely petting them too. You confide in them and they get a nice back rub.

Another reason why pets are great to have is because of companionship and unconditional love. Pets are always there when you need them. They will always greet you with their sweet innocent eyes and their wagging tails or head rub to if they are a cat. You can literally tell them about anything that is on your mind and they will sit there and listen to you. Even though they do not know what exactly you are saying, pets are fluent in body language. A pet can read your body language and know that something might not be right. They know you so well that they can tell if something is wrong.

Having a pet can help one cope with depression, low self esteem issues, as well as any ailments they may have. The power of love can truly heal, even if the love is coming from your furry little friend. Pets can give you unconditional love 24/7. Your pet can help with your depression by keeping you active and making you smile. Each pet has a different personality which makes them unique. Some of them do funny things which reminds you how sweet life can be.

When I was younger, my parents decided to give me a pet because it is a great way to learn responsibility and also because I begged them for a guinea pig. You can get a fish, lizard, dog, horse, it does not matter because every pet will need to be taken care of. The responsibilities that come with a pet are, feeding them, giving them water, cleaning up after them and bathing them. Being responsible for a living thing is a great job for a child and it will teach them valuable lessons for the rest of their lives.

Another reason why you should get a pet is so that you may be able to obtain regular exercise habits by having one. Active pets like dogs and horses require outdoor activities like going on walks or runs. You can become physically healthy with your pet. Some pets help motivate their owners in to losing weight or getting out of the house because no one can say no to their cute faces.

Moreover, some pets can give you a sense of security. Whether you get a big Akita for protection or a small domestic short hair because of loneliness. Guard dogs can make great pets and even better guardians. Thieves and unwelcome guests will think more than twice stepping foot on your property when they hear a deep bark or growl bellowing in your house. They are loyal animals who take pride in protecting their family.

Pets can sometimes be a trial run for some couples who plan on starting a life together. Sharing a responsibility like have a pet together is a big step for couples. Having a pet sometimes reassures people who were beginning to think about starting a family. Also having a pet for some couples completes their family. Feeding, bathing and ultimately caring for a living being gives a sense of completeness to couples. Having a pet who is completely dependent on a “mommy” or “daddy” figure is fulfilling to some.

These are just a few reasons why you should have a pet. There are many more reasons that I did not share but you should just know that pets are just awesome. Plain and simple. So go out, beg your mom, boyfriend, whoever and get your self a fluffy companion.