Gaining More Than Just A Degree


The main reason why people go to college is for the education. The education that society says we need in order to accomplish our careers. We go to college to get an education, to get a degree, to then be successful in our careers. But, what about all of the stuff in between?

College is exhausting. They are filled with mountains of homework, stressful exams, and annoying classmates. The night before you stayed up all night to either finish a paper or study for an exam. You somehow manage to wake up on time for class the next morning and climb out of bad. You then miraculously walk like a zombie to class. When you are in class and you can barely keep your eyes open. Or when you just rather not be in the class.  Everything that the teacher says is literally going through one ear and out the other. Class is finally over. Sadly you have another class that starts in three hours. You know that you are too tired to continue the day. What should you do? The answer is to nap. Napping is essential to college students. To crawl back into your bed and sleep all your worries away is absolutely worth it. Sleeping for just two hours helps. You wake up refreshed and ready to start your day… again.

Some may say completing a paper a couple of hours before it is due is procrastination. College students will say that it’s a miraculous accomplishment. The ability to compose a sufficient paper under a ridiculous time restriction that you sadly set for yourself is resume worthy. Focusing on the task ahead with no distractions now because it has to get done. There is no other option but completing that paper. Your back is up against the wall and your only option of getting out of this situation alive is finishing it. It is amazing what you can do while waiting until the last minute to doing a paper.

Surviving on a college budget is depressing. Learning how to prioritize your money spending is a great asset to master for the future. We are so much closer on being independent adults. This means we cannot depend on mommy and daddy for money. The most expensive things you need to purchase while being in college are books. Books can cost from $200 – $700 per semester. One book can cost almost $300. Way too much money for the college budget. Not purchasing a book for a class is the greatest feeling. You can either try to find a cheaper version online, or burrow a book from someone you know. Passing a class without buying a book is a triumphant victory. Now you can use that money for something practical like, food and clothes.

Time management is a necessary ability to acquire for the “real world.” College helps prepares you for that by having the opportunity and responsibility of making schedule. Making a class schedule for college is a very meticulous task. Everyone’s dream schedule is to have no 8:30am’s and no classes on Friday. You need patience, and problem solving skills to create a great schedule.

An average college student who lives on campus food source consists of, fast food, meal plan food, microwavable food and late night snacks. It is very unlikely to have a home cooked meal as a college student. Being in college reveals your inner survival instincts. Being low on funds and not being able to physically consume the cafeteria food at school can make you resort to other ways of getting food. You have to be ready to buy cheap food in order to survive. Pasta is a cheap, tasty and filling thing to make while being in college. You cannot go wrong with making pasta. If you are cooking illiterate then consider buying a lifetime supply of ramen noodles. Now after leaving college you are now able to cook pasta and/or ramen.

You would think by graduating from high school you would be finished with group projects. Wrong! They still exist, even in college. They do not get better while being in college either. You would think being in a group project with adults will make the process of completing the project any better. Nope, a group project with strangers is still time consuming and very much annoying. It is actually worse because now you are frustrated with adults who pay to take this class. Group projects still exist because they are used so your teacher can evaluate whether you are a team player or not. The idea of doing group projects makes sense but they can be so overwhelming at times. It is a sure way to force you out of your comfort zone for a grade.

Surviving college teaches you many abilities that you can use in the “real world.” Take every second you spend at college and cherish it. Cherish your diploma of surviving college.