Crazy Mistakes We Make For Beauty

Crazy Mistakes We Make For Beauty

I think we have all seen the popular incident floating around social media of a young woman, Tessica Brown who accidentally put gorilla glue on her wig and attached it to hair. As a woman, I empathize with her because I know how important Haircare is.

The truth is women go through great lengths to beautify themselves because of the intense societal pressure to always appear and feel their best. Brown said herself that if she were not so hellbent on looking nice that she could have avoided making such a terrible mistake. This was an example of a woman ignoring her better judgment for a “feel-good moment”.

I know that her actions may seem foolish to some but, why must we condemn a woman whose error did not hurt anyone but herself? It is simply harsh to spew hatred and disrespectful comments at someone for making an error.

Think back to all the avoidable things that you did in the name of beauty. Accidentally shaving off your entire eyebrow trying to wax it? Bleaching your eyebrow? Perming your own hair? Getting a tattoo while drunk in a basement? Or If you did what I did and accidentally glue your eyelids together with nail glue trying to attach fake eyelashes, then you remember a time when you went to extreme lengths for beauty.

I can tell you so many stories where I did some of the craziest things to enhance my appearance. I was only six years old when I looked in the mirror and decided that I did not like my hair anymore. I hated how long it was and I thought that a shorter haircut would be so much cuter. Guess what I did? I grabbed a pair of scissors, sat in front of the mirror, and gave myself a haircut. I completely cut every inch of my hair from the front to the back and when I realized the mess that I made; all I could do was cry and scream.

It was uneven and I looked like a hot mess. I never thought that I would ever ruin my hair so badly because that was not the intention that I had. My mother almost collapsed when she saw what I did to my hair. Let us just say that I was sporting hats for the next several months until it grew back. You would think that I learned my lesson that day, but I made a similar mistake as a teenager when I tried to trim my bangs for a social event at my high school. The second worse day of my life.

There are some things that should be left up to the professionals. I know that now. It only took me two bad haircuts to figure it out. I think that the gorilla glue girl learned her lesson and I am also very happy that she was able to get the glue medically removed with minimal damage to her hair.

Have you ever seen someone pierce their own ears with a needle? I watched as my friend, Steven, sit in front of the mirror and prepared to pierce his ears because he was too scared to let someone else do it. I tried my best to talk him out of it, but he would not listen. He wanted to pierce his ears so that he can look “cool” and there was nothing that was going to stand in his way. He did not realize what a huge mistake it was until his ears were heavily infected a week later, and he had to visit the doctor to receive medication to reduce the redness and swelling on both of his ears.

Steven was not the only one of my friends that did this. Many of them did it even after they saw what happened to him. The thought of poking themselves in the ears with needles seems less scary than being shot in the ears. All of them learned the hard way that it was not the wisest decision. That is just life!

The bottom line is, try not to be so judgmental of others when they make a simple mistake. No matter how stupid it may seem to you because chances are you may have done something similar or worse.