A Letter to my Person

A Letter to my Person

Dear “My Person,”

I know you’ve never watched an episode of Greys Anatomy before, but I know I’ve told you how Meredith and Christina’s friendship reminds me of you and I.

There’s a quote that Christina says about Meredith, that truly explains us well: “If I murdered someone, she’s the person I’d call to help me drag the corpse across the living room floor. She’s my person.”

You would be the person I’d call without a doubt.

According the Greys, being called someone’s person is one of the best accomplishments anyone can receive, so congratulations!

We met in junior high and it’s funny because looking back, I’m not even sure when you actually became my person. All I know is, I can’t imagine my life without you.

A lot of my favorite memories are spent with you because you’re always down to do the craziest things that any other person wouldn’t dare to do with me! Who else would take a hike up Moses Mountain in the wrong shoes right after it had rained the day before with me? Who else would take the ferry to NYC, get off, and run back on then take the train to the last stop and walk to the next three stops? No one but you!

I don’t think there’s any word to describe the unique friendship we have, which is what makes it original.

We’ve never gotten into arguments, maybe a few disagreements, but never on real subjects. It’s normally, whether or not we agree or disagree if guys are cute, because we have two completely different tastes in guys!

You’re literally my partner in crime. I’m pretty sure we’ll be 90 years old, sitting in our wheelchairs in the nursing home laughing at all the crazy things we’ve done wondering how we made it this far.

You’re the first person I tell anything to, good or bad. You support all my decisions, even if you don’t agree with them. You give me the advice that I need to hear and then allow me to make the decisions on my own. I never fear judgement when I talk to you. When everything else in my life is changing, you’re the one thing that remains constant.

We may not have known each other the longest, but we definitely know each other the best.

This past summer you took me camping with your family and it was my first time camping, but I loved it! You also spent this summer introducing me to Russian culture; the food and teaching me a few words here and there (one I’ll never forget: Luke, which means onion).

I may not say this to you all the time, but thank you! Thank you for being there for me through it all.

When I’ve gone through some of my worst days, you were there for me. You came to my grandmother’s wake, when you didn’t have to, but you came anyway to show your support for me.

Thank you for being the shoulder to cry on when I needed it the most.

Thank you for never leaving when other friends have.

Thank you for never judging me.

Thank you for telling me what it is I have to hear, even if it’s not what I want to.

Thank you for keeping me grounded.

Thank you for continuing to be my best friend even after you saw how much of a weirdo I am (and you’re welcome for staying best friends once I realized that you’re just as weird as me).

Thank you for being my best friend, my sidekick, my partner in crime, for being the Christina to my Meredith, and most importantly, thank you for being my person!

Yours truly,