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Kayla Simas
Kayla Simas is a Journalism major at Mercy College. She's from the forgotten borough of New York - Staten Island. She's an avid coffee drinker and enjoys the company of her Jack Russell, Romo.

She writes a column titled Winner Takes All.

She can be reached at [email protected]


Kayla Simas, Managing Editor

Dec 27, 2017
Strength In Letting Go (Story)
Sep 28, 2017
OP/ED: Show Some Respect and Stand (Story)
Jul 22, 2017
Starts With Goodbye… (Story)
May 08, 2017
8 Misconceptions People Have About Country Music (Story)
May 01, 2017
Men’s Lacrosse Lose 9-8 In Championship Game OT (Story)
Apr 13, 2017
Mercy Senior Is All About Putting On A Show (Story)
Apr 09, 2017
Costa Pitches Motivation to Mavs (Story)
Apr 06, 2017
The Tinder Tales (Story)
Mar 09, 2017
McNally Providing Senior Leadership For Lacrosse (Story)
Mar 06, 2017
Fina Helps Lead the Mavs In ECC (Story)
Mar 03, 2017
Two Mercy Students Lending a Hand Healing the Children in India (Story)
Feb 13, 2017
Thank You, Mr. Sparks (Story)
Feb 12, 2017
OP/ED: Nevertheless, These Women Persisted (Story)
Feb 12, 2017
Nursing Unveils The New Skills Lab To Students (Story)
Feb 07, 2017
Basketball Squad’s Robinson Breaks 1,000 Point Mark (Story)
Feb 02, 2017
Men’s Lacrosse’s Speicher Eyes Third Straight ECC Bid (Story)
Dec 05, 2016
Hickey Blessed To Play The Sport He Loves (Story)
Dec 03, 2016
OP/ED: Smoky Mountain Memories Can’t Be Destroyed In Flames (Story)
Nov 11, 2016
Field Hockey Qualifies For First ECAC Division Tourney (Story)
Nov 01, 2016
OP/ED: Tomorrow’s A Better, Brighter Day (Story)
Oct 24, 2016
Student Opens Up About Borderline Personality Disorder (Story)
Oct 21, 2016
Olson Helping Pace Volleyball Team (Story)
Oct 21, 2016
Escala Returns To Squad; Team Falls in ECC Semis, 2-0 (Story)
Oct 10, 2016
What Lies Ahead (Story)
Oct 04, 2016
OP/ED: Kaepernick Shouldn’t Forget Those Who Give Him Right To Protest (Story)
Oct 04, 2016
Watson and Men’s Soccer Eyes First Winning Season In Three Years (Story)
Sep 29, 2016
Ballin Showing Heart As She Ends Her Field Hockey Career (Story)
Sep 28, 2016
Once A Mav, Always A Mav (Story)
Sep 25, 2016
When Grief Takes Over… (Story)
Sep 21, 2016
12 Signs You Have ODD (Obsessive Dog Disorder) (Story)
Jun 09, 2016
Entering My Roaring Twenties (Story)
May 14, 2016
Sleep Deprivation and Caffeine, Every College Students Enemy (Story)
May 09, 2016
What Almost, But Never Truly Was (Story)
Apr 29, 2016
Softball Improves With Nine More Wins From Last Season (Story)
Apr 24, 2016
Stockton Becomes Third Player To Score 100 Points (Story)
Apr 21, 2016
Sexual Assaults Protested At Take Back The Night Event (Story)
Mar 17, 2016
Davidson and Lady Mavs Start Out At 5-1 (Story)
Mar 16, 2016
The Struggle To Survive As A Survivor (Story)
Mar 14, 2016
Chase a Passion, Not a Career (Story)
Mar 10, 2016
McDonough Overcomes Health Scare And Begins Seasons With Scoring Eruption (Story)
Feb 26, 2016
Signs You’re a Dunkin’ Donuts Addict (Story)
Feb 17, 2016
Wilcox Named Captain; Men’s Lacrosse Wins First Game (Story)
Feb 16, 2016
Goodson Leaves Senior Season On A High Note (Story)
Jan 24, 2016
Martina McBride’s Everlasting Tour (Story)
Jan 22, 2016
Residents Impressed With Hudson Hall (Story)
Dec 10, 2015
Four Mavericks Abroad In Paris During Attacks (Story)
Dec 01, 2015
Parish Sparkling For The Mavericks (Story)
Nov 24, 2015
I Write, But I’m Not a Writer (Story)
Nov 24, 2015
Lion King On Broadway A Spectacle (Story)
Nov 17, 2015
Ex-Lacrosse Player’s New Mantra Has Transformed Him Into Strength Coach (Story)
Nov 10, 2015
A Letter To Me At Fourteen… (Story)
Nov 03, 2015
The Fight To Live (Story)
Oct 31, 2015
OP/ED: Take Action Against Domestic Violence (Story)
Oct 30, 2015
Residence Halls To Be Named In December (Story)
Oct 20, 2015
Augustine Recovers From Injury For Stellar Season; Soccer Wins ECAC Tournament Game (Story)
Oct 20, 2015
2015!? Great Scott! (Story)
Oct 17, 2015
My Life’s Been a Country Song (Story)
Oct 07, 2015
A Dog’s Purpose (Story)
Oct 07, 2015
Gatti Leading Young Soccer Squad To Success (Story)
Oct 03, 2015
A Letter to my Person (Story)
Oct 01, 2015
Students Visit and Reflect On 9/11 (Story)
Sep 26, 2015
Fear of Public Speaking 101 (Story)
Sep 22, 2015
A Childhood Best Friend, We All Have One (Story)
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