Dawn of the Dead – Lady Mavs Wake Up Against Dowling!


Sniff* *Sniff* Ahh, do you smell that? Thats the sweet scent of victory that has blessed itself onto Mercy’s astrop turf as the then 4-11 Mavericks upset their conference rival Dowling, 3-1 for the first time in team history.

Following a five game losing streak that seemed destined to hand deliver a miserable ending to Mercy’s already sliding season, the lady Mavericks came together determined to escape the standings of the conference


Freshmen and Exercise Science major, Dawn Hickey, led the team in scoring with two goals, both within the second half, reviving the Mavericks chances at making a late run in the closing weeks of the 2012 season.


Hickey had this to say about her team’s performance that afternoon: “We just played our game just like every other time, except this one ended with a win. Everyone played a big role in it and from here out we are finishing 7-11″.


Not only was Hickey vocal about the team’s  success and future aspirations, but teammates Caitlin McKenna and Stephanie Casey attributed to their playing as being “Mavtastic” and “more aggressive” than its ever been before.


“What won us the game was playing quick and actually finishing the game. I really think we made our coach proud with this one,” said Casey.

And did they ever. According to Casey, Johnathan Feinstein, who is currently in his third season as the head coach of the Mavericks, was seen and described to be “pumped up” from the exciting victory.

But who wouldn’t be.

It has been three and a half weeks since Mercy has seen their beloved women’s soccer team attain a victory. However, the question lingered if whether or not these young and seemingly vibrant players can even achieve what they so desperately desire in terms of good fortune.

And yes, they answered the call.

The team would split its remaining three games, 1-1-1, with a 2-0 loss to Bridgeport, a 2-1 victory against Philadelphia University in double overtime and a 0-0 tie against rival St. Thomas Acquinas. It finished the season at 5-12-1.

Junior Crystal Mena tied the game at 1-1 against Philadelphia, and junior Lisa Shaw notched the win at the 103rdminute.

The tie was also a fitting nod to senior Stephanie DiLegge, who recorded a shutout in her final start for the Mavericks.


Well simply put, it is believed that Mercy could have a brighter close to their 2012 season. In their dominate win over Dowling, the Mavericks greatly showcased the vigor, the control, and the heart that they so often spoken of in past weeks.  After analyzing  the team’s success, it was evident that the Mavericks are actually a very talented unit with an abundance of eager and young players within their early stages of development. In comparison to some of the heart-breaking losses that the team has suffered recently, the lady Mavs actually exemplified the traits of a complete and balanced team by showing signs of intensity and consistency throughout the duration of the game.  The team allowed only two goals over its final four games. If the Mavericks continues to play like they had against Dowling, there is no doubt that a winning season may be in the women’s future.