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OP/ED: It’s Not Only a ‘Girl Thing’

OP/ED: It's Not Only a 'Girl Thing'

Liv Meier, Associate Editor

February 2, 2018

As I was waiting on a checkout line at my local grocery store, a young girl–about six or seven–turned to me and asked if I was a feminist. I replied that of course I am, and explained to her that it’s important for everyone to support equal rights for women. She then turned to an older gentleman...

I’m Over the Female Taboo, Period.

I'm Over the Female Taboo, Period.

Nora-Grayce Orosz, Managing Editor

December 13, 2017

Once every few months, my body becomes victim to a viscous, unyielding attack that is perpetrated by its own natural chemistry.

A Manifesto for Women Everywhere

A Manifesto for Women Everywhere

Nora-Grayce Orosz, Staff Writer

March 16, 2017

Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel have published "We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere" to help women lead more fulfilling lives.

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