Understanding A First Date Through A Woman’s Eyes

….While Using Ferris Bueller GIFs

Understanding A First Date Through A Womans Eyes

That first date. How it comes about. How it goes. How it ends up. It all seems too predictable sometimes. Thank God for Ferris.  Save Ferris? No. Save us.

10. You’re Single And Your Friends Won’t Leave You Alone

There is nothing wrong with Saturday nights by yourself, is there? Oh, wait. I’m at that college age where I’m supposed to have a boyfriend. Which you may secretly want. So publicly you hate your friends for trying to set you up. Privately you are thanking god that someone got a hold of your number.


9. I’ll go, I’ll go…

Might as well go on the date, since he keeps DMing me on Twitter, and Instagram. Not like I’m doing anything else tonight, other than binge-watching Netflix and eating an entire pizza.


8. What to wear, what to wear…

Is he taking me somewhere nice? Should I even bother wearing a dress? But, if I wear a dress, then I’ll have to shave my legs. Oh, there are the nice pair of jeans I bought a few weeks ago. I can wear those with my favorite heels. Crap, they’re in the wash…



7. Is this dinner only?

He never really gave me the specifics about how this night is going to go. Are we going to the movies after, or to a bar? I just hope it isn’t anywhere too fancy. God, I hope it’s the bar…


6.  Having those pregame jitters

Those butterflies everyone gets isn’t always excitement, it’s anxiety. And possibly gas. Great, now I’m starting to sweat. This guy better be worth all this.


5. At least he’s hot

You are hoping for him to actually look like Ferris, and would even settle for Cameron. But, then he shows up at your place not as good looking as his Instagram photos claim he is. Damn those photo filters…

ferris buellers day off1

4. This doesn’t sound like the usual, mindless chit chat…

You’re starting the small talk at dinner, and he’s boring. The only thing you’re really hearing from his mouth is…


3. Did he just talk about …boob?

And then there’s the dirty talk. Really? You couldn’t have waited until after dinner for me to realize that not only are you boring, but you’re a perv too?

ferris buellers day off2

2. Well at least you were getting a free meal out of it. Or so you thought….

You did the fake reach to your purse as if you would actually pay for half of your dinner. But, he didn’t seem to mind in the least. So what is 50 percent of a $130 tab with a 20 percent tip?


1. Ahh, that call the day after

If he didn’t catch the hint the night before that you would NEVER go out with him again, remember to let him down gently…