9 Ways To Tell You’re The DUFF

9 Ways To Tell Youre The DUFF

Kristin McGovern, Impact Staff

You either know one, have one, or you are one. Not to sound all mean-girl, but the DUFF does exist. For those of you who don’t know, DUFF stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Sounds mean, doesn’t it?

This term has become more popular over the last month due to Kody Keplinger’s novel, THE DUFF, coming to the silver screen.

I learned well before this movie released its trailer that I am indeed, a DUFF.

How did I find this out? From personal experience.

Here are nine traits of a DUFF:

  1. You’re friends are HOTTER than you, and you all know it. That’s why you’re friends with them.
  2. You go out shopping with your friends, and while they’re picking out size small from FOREVER 21, you have to ask the store employee if they have your size in the back.
  3. You probably played sports in high school, and not the “hot” sports. I don’t know about you, but in my high school, if you played soccer and lacrosse you were hot. If you played anything else, you were not hot, especially softball. You were just butch then.
  4. You feel invisible when you’re out with your friends, not because you’re not attractive, but you don’t flaunt yourself or your personality as openly as your friends do, thus making them more noticeable.
  5. When guys do approach you, they always ask about your friends. They ask what their relationship status is, and how they should approach them and get their attention.
  6. You have a lot of guy friends that are JUST friends. You’re easy to approach because you aren’t intimidating by your looks, and you hold all of the valuable information about your hot friends interests.
  7. Your other friends ask you to set them up with your hot friends. This happens whether you’re home from school, or when your hot friends come up and visit you at school, and your school friends ask you to set them up.
  8. When you finally meet a guy, and want to introduce him to your friends, he winds up going home with one of them instead of you.
  9. You don’t get any. Plain and simple. How can you when you don’t get approached to be talked to for yourself, you don’t get many phone numbers, and the only time a guy stares at you at a club is because you accidentally tucked your skirt into your underwear?

If any of this is ringing a bell, then I’m sorry but you were or are a DUFF.