10 Reasons Why Our Society is Screwed…

10 Reasons Why Our Society is Screwed...

1. Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, and Tinder. Social media is single handedly ruining lives because it makes people feel inclined to share everything with the world. Facebook tells you to share what’s on your mind, Instagram tells you to share your life through pictures, snap chat tells you to share your life through videos, Twitter wants you to constantly talk to yourself, and Tinder wants to share you with prospective sex partners. It may not seem all that bad because what’s the harm in that? Well, people literally say what is on their minds and actually what they’re about to do and where they are going. Being on tinder for sex can actually leave you vulnerable to become a rape victim. Discretion is seldom on Facebook and Instagram; not everything needs to be shared. People post things for “likes” because apparently “likes are life”. Some people only do things and go places, so that they can seem adventurous and have their lives envied by their fans … I mean by their followers.Society has become so self absorbed.



2. Password Locks on Phones: Almost everyone I know has a password on their phone, meaning when it becomes inactive for a while, the phone goes to black and to operate the cellular device, one needs to know the password to proceed. This is a neat way to keep nosey girlfriends or boyfriends out of your business, if you’re a cheater. Also people store personal things on their phone and they want that to be protected, which is understandable. However, this can become a nuisance if one is in an emergency. What if something happens to you, and your phone is the only way a relative can be contacted by someone else but they can’t because it’s locked with a password? Let that sink in…



3. Netflix: Netflix is probably one of the greatest creations ever. You can have movies streamed to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Netflix may have taken the place of a human companion. I know of people who would rather stay at home to cuddle up with Netflix than to hang out with human beings. … I’m one of those people

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4. Reality Television: This is a no “brainer”and I can go on and on about reality television and how people are making money and becoming famous, for doing absolutely nothing. That in itself is pathetic, but viewers often fail to realize that it’s not real life.


5. Ebola: All of a sudden this deadly virus is gone, back into the abyss from where it was taken out of. Just a couple of months ago, this was the scare of society and people were dropping like flies. No one speaks of it anymore, as if it never existed. I may be called a conspiracy theorist but I am almost certain that a group of people wanted to experiment on this virus. This is what’s wrong with society, they love to experiment on their fellow humans. Experimentation is usually on humans that are looked upon as inferior.

6. Police Enforcement/ Criminal Justice System: It is no secret with the events of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and countless others, that police enforcement has taken advantage of its authority, and also that the justice system is faulty. It is evident that getting away with murder is so very simple in the United States, you just need to have a badge. Not to mention that the United States is the only country that has a grand jury. The grand Jury decides whether criminal charges should be brought and we have seen them fail to indict police officers who committed murder.


7. Genetically Modified Chicken: The phrase “there’s something in the chicken” is actually factual. According to Seattle Organic Restaurants a 1950’s chicken is two times smaller than a 2008 chicken, and here’s why: Chicken nowadays are genetically modified with hormones, carcinogens, corn pills, and arsenic and drugs, so that they become larger faster. One out of three kids born after 2000 is obese. Having to consume these hormones have been linked to causing cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
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8. Government: The government is corrupt and does not really care about its people. Money is always the main factor and the reason why politicians can be bribed to increase or decrease certain regulations. Without regulations and government auditing, banking industries have been free to partake in illegal practices.

9 War: Society will always be in trouble when it comes to war. The United States has been in this particular war, since 2001 with no end in sight. War has reshaped this country and not for the better. What was once seen as a war to defend a nation, turned into a war over oil, and then into other irrelevant things, which have killed so many loved ones, who thought they were fighting for our freedom. War has always existed but it will always be the worst thing that can happen to a society.

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10. Poverty: With all the money and resources that we have in this world and in this country, no one should be living in poverty. Almost 50 million people in the United States are poor and without social security, almost half of Americans 65 and older would live in poverty.