10 Things To Do Before and During Spring Break!

10 Things To Do Before and During Spring Break!

Shalekiah Barton, Staff Writer

We are approaching the time that all college students are waiting for!
Spring Break is a hard working, college student’s dream!
Here are some tips to get you all prepared!

1. Eat the right foods.
Whatever you eat seeps through your pores, so try to eat healthy; before spring break. “You are what you eat.” Being on a scorching hot beach is not where you want to unleash your body odor of onion rings, double bacon cheeseburgers and greasy pizza. No one should ever be able to tell what your diet is like. Also, how you eat affects how you look. You don’t want to be shaped as a burger, so don’t eat them. Fatty foods may taste yummy, but they slow you down. No one should feel bloated during spring break.

2. Exercise and tone your body.
You need to look good for your bathing suits and scantily clad outfits. It will be over 80 degrees in many spring break vacation spots like Miami or Cancun. You cant hide your body, in those conditions so flaunt it. Get fit and sweat off the fatty, greasy foods, if you’ve had them.

3. Go Shopping.
You can’t buy a new bathing suit without new clothing and shoes! Also sun tan lotion and Advil are important for each spring breaker. Sun plus liquor equals serious migraine. Each day, you make new friends and need certain things to guarantee a fun time. Make sure you have the essentials. You should pack Deodorant, water, and snacks for the ride. Also you could buy Uno cards, red cups or a beach ball.

4. Get new sunglasses.
Sunglasses are essential for every spring breaker. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun, but they also make you look hot. (Pun intended). There are hundreds of different shade sizes and designs, make a statement with your Sunnies!

5. Go to a Nail salon.
Looking good, is not only having a nice body. You must look great from head to toe and no one should ever go on the beach with messed up finger nails and toes. Ladies should especially have their nails and toes, cleaned, cut and styled. Anything else is unacceptable. When you meet someone, the first thing they look at is your fingers or feet. No one likes an unkept person.

6. Choose friends to travel with.
Traveling alone is no fun during spring break and it isn’t safe either. A lot of women get kidnapped, raped, and drugged during spring break. Plane rides and driving across town are fun and makes friendships closer by allowing friends to make great memories.

7. Book flight.
Traveling is all apart of the spring break experience. You can go out of the city or the country and meet new people and try new things. Miami, Florida and Cancun, Mexico are the two most popular spring break destinations.

8. Check in/arrive.
Every one needs a room to sleep in, when they are all partied out. Make sure you get there early or your room can be taken and your trip can be ruined. Be friendly to the staff so they have mercy on you and your friends when you all are loud and stumbling back in.

9. Have a drink or two.
There are lots of activities that occur during spring break
What is spring break without the booze? As long as you drink responsibly, you can have fun with some kegs, daiquiris, martini’s or anything that you’re into. Get your friends together and enjoy all the drinking games you can come up with.

10. Have the best spring break ever.
It will be over before you know it, so dance and party the night away. This is the time for celebration and excitement. You are halfway through the last semester and should make it all count. Explore the land, meet new people, drink responsibly and be protected at all times.