12 Signs Netflix Has Taken Over Your Life


Most people have the same troubles with Netflix as my roommate and I do! Something about it is just so addicting and almost makes you feel guilty about watching it for so long. Or in some of our cases feel guilty about not watching it for so long. At some points in time our lives almost revolve around it. Free time is Netflix time. So if you’ve ever experienced any of these following symptoms you are formally diagnosed as a Netflixaholic. It is extremely common, although unfortunately there is currently no cure. But not to worry, take comfort in knowing you are not alone. I am right there with you.


1. You spend more time picking out what to watch than you spend actually watching what you finally picked out.

Because let’s be serious we all know that when your in between a show or just want a break from 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, there are too many options and the indecisiveness takes over.


2. The accomplishment of finishing a series of a show.

It’s a high unlike anything you’ve even known before. After countless hours and 5 seasons you finally find out what happened to Walter White at the end of Breaking Bad. And you now get to walk around with a secret only shared with others who finished the entire series as well.


3. The even bigger accomplishment of catching up to a show that is still running so you can watch it on TV with the real world.

Seeing a show with commercials is something unheard of. But you finished all the seasons of Once Upon a Time that are on Netflix and you still need to know what happens to Emma and the Evil Queen, so now you have a set time of Sunday’s at 9.


4. You have a list of different shows to binge watch when your done with your current one.

After you feel the accomplishment of finishing a season your on a high and just want to get that feeling again. Remember Gossip Girl only has 6 season, piece of cake. And after that The new season of Orange is the New Black will be out, if not watch the first two seasons again. Because why not?!


5. Episode watching is planned into your daily schedule and routine.

Things to do: eat, shower, watch Netflix, do homework.
Yes it’s that important!


6. When you have things due you procrastinate by watching a quick episode.

Why start that paper now when I can watch more episodes of Friends and see what happens to Rachel. Let’s be honest your papers are always better when you wait till crunch time the night of. You’ve done some of your best work than. Or all your work then.


7. The Continue Watching Countdown screen

This 20 seconds really makes you reevaluate your whole life. Do I really want to go on watching my 6th hour straight of Scandal. Olivia Pope would be proud of this dedication.



8. The Anger You Feel When they get rid of something your really liked or planned to watch.

Just being real when they got rid of Good Burger, Boyz N The Hood, Happy Gilmore, The Mighty Ducks, The Breakfast Club and Titanic all in one month. My anger towards Netflix became almost a rage. I will protest of they even try to take Mean Girls back from us though.


9. The anger you feel when they don’t have what your looking for.

When you search for Will Ferrell and your favorite movies by him don’t come up. Where Step Brothers when you really need it?!


10. When what you want is there and it just won’t load.

It’s like The Internet is trying to take a dump on your day. But you still try everything in your power to make it finally work!


11. When you cannot watch what you want because there are multiple people using your Netflix account.

Your entire family and all your friends have your password. And you’re all for having them save money on not paying money but when you actually want to watch something and you cannot because of the screen watching limit you have to actually call real live people to tell them to sign off and stop watching. Only to find out that they gave the password to someone else that you don’t know.


12. The worst screen of all.. Are you still watching screen.

The screen that mocks you. After so many hours Netflix just wants to make sure this is real life and your still alive. Don’t worry Netflix I’m here and I will never leave you. No need to worry!