8 Cupcake Flavors & What They Say About Your Personality

8 Cupcake Flavors & What They Say About Your Personality

Are you a sweets kind of person? Do you enjoy going to your local bakery and ordering your favorite cupcake? Do you often wonder what your favorite cupcake flavor says about your personality? If so this is for you.

  1. Vanilla Cupcakes


Most people prefer vanilla because they know exactly what they are getting. Those who enjoy vanilla cupcakes like myself are “PLAIN JANES”. There is no surprise. Just to be a little on the daring side we add Sprinkles. Ooh we added some color.

2. Chocolate

Ah Chocolate! Who doesn’t love chocolate? Sweet, smooth, savory, chocolate. Chocolate lovers are what we call heaven seekers. They don’t want to seem boring so they go for something plain but has its own color and rich flavor. Chocolate says you savor the moment!

3. Blue Velvet

Risk Taker. Blue Velvet is a fairly new flavor that have people going crazy over it. Most people go into a bakery and stick to what they know. You blue Velvet lovers are risk takers. You didn’t know what it was but you ate it anyway.

4. Cookies n’ Cream


Indecisive! Cookies and cream cupcake lovers are very indecisive. They couldn’t decide if they wanted vanilla or chocolate so they went for the next best thing. Cookies n cream lovers get the best of both worlds.

5. Strawberry

Fruit Love!  Strawberry cupcake lovers are fruit lovers. They like to be healthy. Vanilla is too bland for them and chocolate is too fattening so they choose strawberry.

6. Lemon

Old Fashioned! Lemon cupcake lovers tend to be old fashioned. They have an old soul. Today’s youth enjoy sugar infused treats. Lemon is much too sour.

7. Peppermint

(See Caption below #8)

8. Pumpkin

The Holiday Lover! Peppermint and Pumpkin cupcake lovers enjoy the holidays. They enjoy it so much that these are their choice of cupcakes. It’s their favorite because the holidays only come once a year but they can savor the taste year round.

So now that you have learned what these flavors say about people’s personalities… What is Your Favorite Flavor?