7 Things College Students Love To Hear

7 Things College Students Love To Hear

As college students, we work hard to do our very best but that doesn’t mean college life isn’t hard. However, there are certain things that make our lives just so much better. Hear are some examples of what we love to hear!

1. Cancelled class


Isn’t it the best to check your email and see that class has been cancelled, especially when running on just 4-5 hours of sleep. Time to roll over and go back to SnoozeVille.

2.Open book tests.


We’ve all probably had this moment so tell the truth people. Knowing about a test weeks in advance but still waiting until the night before (or morning of) to study. We get to class and bite our nails off, fearing that we will fail. Then, the Professor says, “Ok class, you can use your notes,” right before the exam. Whew!

3.”I have to end class early today.”


Most of us probably give that, “Aw Professor” look on our face but deep down we are rejoicing (lol) It’s so terrible but ending class early means that we get to sleep, go pig out with friends or just relax. It’s better when they say this at the end of a long week. *starts playing Rihanna’s Cheers to the Weekend*

4. “Don’t buy the required textbook, I’ll provide handouts.”


Bless the Professors that say this. For college students, this means $100+ stays in our wallets, no back pains from carrying the book every week, and a big smile on our faces.

5“You can take the midterm at home.”

As midterm week approaches, college students are gearing up for battle. Little to no sleep, countless hours in the library, and devouring bottles of Red Bull. But, when the Professor says we can take the midterm home, we are absolutely relieved.

6. Refreshments will be served.

Nine times out of ten, this is the only reason that we attend events on campus. If there’s food, we are there before the event even starts.

7. “I’ll drop your lowest test score.”

I like to think of this as our “Get Out of Jail Free card.” We have only one time to use it for an undesired grade and we don’t risk messing up our GPA. Score!