8 Ways You Know Your A 90s Baby

8 Ways You Know Your A 90s Baby

Tanasia Patterson, Staff Writer

90’s babies do it better or so I’ve heard. If your a 90’s baby, This one’s for you!

  1. You had a specific type of walking shoe

The older 90’s babies had this type of walking shoe. This was how we learned to walk. They only came in two colors black and white. Today’s kids wear regular shoes.

2. You had to get off the internet when your mother needed to use the phone.

When your mother had to use the phone that meant no Internet. We couldn’t do both at the same time. You could always count on your mother to say.. Get Off The Internet, I Need To Use The Phone!

3. You try to do the kid n’ play with your best friend

This was one of the hippest dances. Every 90’s baby tried to do it with their best friend at a party.

4. Your mother put bow-bows in your hair.

Every girl from the 90’s was cursed to wear bow-bows in their hair. Momma made sure your ponytails stayed in place because you couldn’t take them out yourself.


5. Sundays you wore frilly socks and patent leather shoes

Sundays to church this was how our mothers dressed us. The Frilly Socks and Patent Leather shoes.


You Know what time it was when you heard Mr. Softee

When you heard the music come on you would run to your parents asking for money. You would be right there before the truck could even park.

7. You stop and break dance when “This is How We Do It” comes on

Every 9o’s kid starts dancing old school once they hear This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan comes on. You just have to hit your running man.

8. You and your friends played outside when you were young

You and your friends played double dutch and kickball. there wasn’t such thing as video games. We went outside to play in the park.

90’s babies do it better.