The 8 Struggles Of A Bartender

The 8 Struggles Of A Bartender

Being a bartender is one of the hardest job’s I have ever had and here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Impatient customers

It took five minutes to get your drink? Oh man, I’m sorry. Don’t mind the fact that I have to make drinks for the entire bar, not just you.

2. The flirtation

Those people who think flirting is actually going to get them a free drink… or number.

3. Those late nights

At four a.m. and people are still trying to get their drink on when I’m trying to leave.

4. The classic: Bar Fights

Trying to pull two guys off each other when they are three times my size.

5. Party time

When the customers get a little too roudy and start dancing all over the bar.

6. The munchies

When I’m asked if the kitchen is still open at two a.m.,then get mad and leave when i say no.

7. Getting kicked out of the bar

When I have to kick someone out and then they try to disguise themselves and come back in.

8. The emotional state of mind

When the ladies get really emotional and start crying. There’s never a good ending to that..


The bartender life is not easy and though half of the time I want to rip my hair out, I have to say, it’s fun to look back on the memories and laugh at how ridiculous they were.