14 Faces Of Getting Fit


Kimberly Franco, Staff Writer

Making the decision to be healthy and fit is the first step. But actually doing it and starting can be very difficult. Here are some faces you may of through.

  1. Choosing To Start Working Out taco-tuesday-fun-640x640
  2. Denial enhanced-10548-1459195840-10
  3. Realization didn't get to gym
  4. Starting A New Workoutenhanced-15352-1459192118-1
  5. Changing Your Diet59406275
  6. Incorrect Use Of Machines  66d7dc5ab6885a7ce9c13f9aa4ed2e62
  7. Soreness HitsBunfeylIEAAjWAd
  8. Still Need To Change Your Diet 9829282_orig
  9. Finding A Good Gym Partner12826019_544658912383731_400062413_n
  10. Problems At The Gym gym-humor-memes-05-550x550
  11. Everything Becomes A Workoutenhanced-18646-1459196143-1
  12. When You Start To Take It Serious 175
  13. When You Start To See Results 1705496168-workout-gym-memes
  14. When You Get To Your GoalFunny-memes-gym-progressJust remember to stick it out and you’ll get there in no time. It’s not a race and not a competitions. You slowly make better decisions that lead to a better out come. So get to the gym lazy!