8 Reasons to use Peppermint Oil


For the past year and  half, all I heard of was the benefits of coconut oil, although I know coconut oil has been used for way longer than that. Coconut oil is used for a whole lot o stuff. However, can we jus
praise Peppermint Oil for a minute. So, let me tell you 10 reasons to use it:

1. Encourages Cleaner ScalpShampoo_Body

Adding peppermint oil to your shampoo will get rid of dandruff and lice

2. Rubs the Itchiness away


The Oil will reduce itchiness by its cooling properties

3. Bye-Bye Bugs


Peppermint acts as a bug repellent, and it smells better than normal repellent

4. No More Mice


Pepperment also acts a mice repellent. I wonder what else it repels

5. Sun Burn be Gone!


Like the inflammation, the cooling properties soothes a sun burn

6. No more Nausea


Studies show that peppermint helps better to sooth nausea better than medicine does

7. Inflammation reducer3-Important-nutrients-to-help-fight-inflammation-Image-1

It also cools inflammation, also due to its cooling properties

8. Headache Soother


Studies show that peppermint relaxes muscles and improves circulation,

so imagine what it can do to the most important muscle to the body