How to Celebrate a Holiday Birthday

How to Celebrate a Holiday Birthday

Christine Cassolino, Staff Writer

So naturally anyone would believe that having a birthday on a holiday is an awesome thing. Its an easy way to have all your family and friends remember the day and make sure that they all say happy birthday and shower you with love and presents. Well it’s the exact opposite. Holidays are a day for celebration and happiness for everyone except for the person with a birthday. A birthday is a day and celebration for just a single person. So having everyone all ecstatic for a day when it should just be all about you totally sucks. So here is how you treat someone on their birthday if it’s a holiday.

Step One:  Remember The Birthday


Things are always so busy on holidays.  Family obligations are a huge part of holidays but don’t forget your friends too.

Step Two:  Keep the Holiday Separate


Holidays and birthdays are not the same thing.  This seems like a no brainer but people don’t understand that they are not the same when they fall on the same day.

Step Three:  Don’t talk about the holiday.


While everyone else gets an actual day all to themselves to celebrate their birth people with a birthday on a holiday don’t and they don’t want to be reminded of it.

Step Three:  Wrap a gift in Birthday Paper, Not Holiday Paper


Nothing says, “I’m lazy and don’t really care” like wrapping a birthday present in holiday paper.

Step Four:  Make the birthday a top priority, even if its on a different day


Its hard to have a real birthday when you have to share it.  Celebrate it and do it big.

Step Five:  Go do something!


Most things are closed on holidays.  Go out and do something when they open back up!

Step Six:  Don’t ask about getting extra presents.  It’s never been a thing.images-3

One present for Christmas and my birthday has always been a thing and it sucks.

Step Seven:  Make the birthday about them


Step Eight:  Think about how you would feel if everyone constantly forgot about your birthday.images-7

Having to share a birthday with a holiday sucks. People are always all wrapped up in their own lives whether that be visiting family, hanging out with other friends or getting piss drunk. Most people get too wound up in their own lives to even remember something about another person even if it is something as important as a birthday. 
Say “Happy Birthday” and nothing else.