7 Ways You Know You’re Hangry

7 Ways You Know Youre Hangry

Hangry is a term for people that get hungry easily and have all sorts of emotional symptoms. It mainly happens to people that eat every hour or so of the day and can’t go without food.

  1. You can’t tolerate anyone.

You’re normally such a people person but if you haven’t eaten, you just want to start throwing chairs at people.


2.You get a major headache.

Not being well nourished makes your head literally hurt. You get the worst headache to the point where you feel like a train ran you over.


3. It makes you tired.

You’re slowly running out of energy because you haven’t ate so you just lay there slowly falling asleep waiting for someone to bring you food.


4. You start to have a meltdown out of no where.

Sometimes you just didn’t eat enough and you slide down your chair and get upset that you ran out of food.


5. You can feel yourself shaking.

You’re blood sugar drops because you didn’t eat candy or drink Gatorade within the past hour so you start shaking as you search everywhere for a quick dose of sugar.


6.Anything in sight that is edible, you eat it.

You’re so hungry you don’t even care what you’re eating. Oh, paper? I think that’s kinda edible, I’ll take it.


7. You might cry because that specific food isn’t what you wanted this entire time.

The entire time you didn’t eat was because you were hoping to get your favorite meal and when dinner is served it is nothing even close to what you wanted so just sit in your chair and cry waiting for the food to be changed.