7 Reasons of What It’s Like Being a Lefty

7 Reasons of What Its Like Being a Lefty

Being a lefty, I face many obstacles living in the world of righties. With a total of 10% of the world’s population being lefties, its worth something celebrating.

  1. Walking into a classroom with only right handed desks.


This is every lefties nightmare. Like what happened to the lefties in the room?! Grr.

2. When everything is designed for right handed people.


Notebooks, pens, scissors, literally EVERYTHING is designed for righties.

3. Don’t worry, there is a website that has products for people like myself.


Time to splurge on items that are essential to a lefties life.

4. We have our day to celebrate being a lefty. National Left Handed Day is on August 13.


We have something to celebrate!

5.  Having smudges on your hand while writing.


Damn you smudges!

6. Getting asked, “Oh, you’re a lefty?”


No, I just like writing with my left hand.

7. Finding out that one of your favorite celebrity is also a lefty.


Yes, Niall Horan of One Direction is a lefty too.

If you are a lefty, be proud of who you are!