7 Misconceptions About Vegans


Kimberly Franco

In the start of the New Year I deiced to take the big leap from vegetarian into vegan. However, starting this transition I have come across many misconceptions about this new way of living. So here is some clarity about this subject.

1. Pizza is totally vegan!Lets clear this misconception up right now. A vegan a person who does not eat or use animal products. A vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat, and sometimes other animal products. Basically anything that came from or is apart of any animal a vegan wants no part of it. Unfortunately pizza contains dairy and eggs in the dough therefore not being vegan.


2. Vegans only eat grass!

There are many different types of plant-based foods that are provided in markets all over the country. Grass is not the foundation of a vegan diet.


3. Dairy is too good to give up! Due to plant based milk like almond, cashew and coconut there are plenty of non dairy cheeses, yogurts and even ice cream to go around.

4. What the hell is Non meat, meat?

Yes, in todays world we can be vegan and still have meat or artificial meat that is. For the most part, faux meat products begins with soy protein, or textured vegetable protein, in the form of powder. Then mixed and boiled to find meat like textures.

5. You won’t get enough protein in your diet!


For some reason people believe you can only get protein from eating animals. Riddle me this, how do animals get protein then? It is a fact that spinach has 49% protein, kale & broccoli has 45% protein, cauliflower has 40% protein. However, beef has 25% protein, chicken has 23% protein and eggs have 12% protein. You might consider changing your type of protein intake.

6. You have to many rules to follow!

There is no vegan police if you cheat on your diet. It is only your own conscience that you have to deal with. Veganism isn’t a cult that you join. Animal abuse is something you stop supporting. It’s more about taking control of your health and your  compassion then following strict guidelines. It’s all about your choices in life.


7. Vegans Unite!

There are many benefits on becoming vegan. Like rapid weight loss, healthier skin and nails, more energy and vitality. Not to mention the lack of animal abuse. As long as there is a demand there will be a supply. With more and more people becoming vegan and vegetarian the supply for animal flesh may one day diminish. There has been study after study that processed meat equals cancer. Being vegan is not about being better than anybody. It’s about making better choices. It’s about using compassion and love. It’s about learning to be more creative in the kitchen. It is natural that people are excited about this movement and speak up about it because they are passionate and happy with their results. So in turn would like to share it with the world, not to make others feel bad but to inspire and motivate.