How to Know your Obsessed with Ice Cream

How to Know your Obsessed with Ice Cream

Amanda Depew, Social Media Editor

1. The Usual

You’re at the ice cream stand so often that the employees know your order and start making it before you even get to the window.

2. Opening Date

You know it’s spring time when the ice cream stand is opening up! You actually have a count down on your phone, you’re more than excited.

3. Eating Multiple Times a Day

“I only had a small the first time I went so it is 100% acceptable to go a second time in one day to get another ice cream.” Obsession with ice cream at its finest.

4. What’s a Rainy Day?

There are no days that you don’t want ice cream. It can be raining or the sun can be shinning, give us all the ice cream you have.

5. What is Winter?

Why do ice cream stands close in the winter? Can someone please explain this? People still eat ice cream in the winter! You just end up going to the grocery store and buying it by the pint or gallon. But really, why close?

6. No Sick Days

You are convinced ice cream makes you feel better. Personally when I am sick, whether its with the stomach bug or the just a head cold, I’ll eat ice cream as medicine.

7. It’s Healthy

You are convinced it is part of that food pyramid you learned about back in the fifth grade. It may be in that “little” section but it’s on the pyramid so it technically means you can have it.

8. Celebration

Any type of “celebration” calls for ice cream. Oh you finished your homework by dinner time tonight? You deserve ice, I deserve ice cream, we all deserve ice cream.

9. Your Plans Revolve Around It

Getting ice cream from the ice cream is never a hassle but the fact that they aren’t open 24/7 is a killer. So that means you have to plan your day around when you’re going to go and what you’re going to eat for lunch and dinner and at exactly what time.

10. Nothing Will EVER Come Between You and Ice Cream

I have already decided for if someone reason I become lactose intolerant I will still eat ice cream. No matter what illness I come down with I will STILL eat ice cream. NOTHING will EVER come between me and ice cream. End of story.