10 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Season EVER

10 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Season EVER

1. The longer days

Getting out of work after a long day and seeing that the sun is still gives me so much energy. I get very excited to have more time to enjoy the fresh air.




2. Everybody seems happy

Exposure to sunlight can actually make us happier after being cooped up indoors for what feels like an eternity. It feels good to be able to go outside again.




3. It’s warmer outside

I don’t know about you guys, but I hate being all bundled up. I couldn’t wait to step outside in my jean jacket and ripped jeans again.




4. Flowers are blooming

Everyone loves the smell of fresh flowers, and everywhere you look you see daffodils, tulips, and crocuses. It’s beautiful.




5. Less clouds, more sun

Winter can kill your mood when you get a bad case of the sniffles. Unless you have allergies, springtime is the best time to breathe some nice fresh air.




6. The birds are chirping

Bird song reaches a peak during spring, with the arrival of migrant birds coming home to the warmer climate. So, turn off the alarm clock and open up the windows. There’s no better wake up call than a bird song!



7. Outdoor workouts

Cancel that gym membership – with more hours in the day, you can go outside and stay active. Running in the park, walking to work, and weekend bike rides – it’s much more fun in the sun!



8. Spending more time with your family

Theme parks, museums, parks, and the seaside; spring is the perfect time to spend a weekend with the family before the summer rush.




9. Sweater weather/perfect temperatures

Sweater weather is the best weather. Spring is the best time of year because it’s not too cold and not too hot. It’s the best time to pursue cool outdoor adventures and still enjoy comfy evenings curled up in a fluffy blanket.






10. Spring cleaning

In this season, everything seems to be waking up – so does your cleaning spirit! With the sun shining, the fresh air flowing in, and the motivation increasing, cleaning a cherished home becomes a candid pleasure.