Top Ten TV Show Couples


One of my favorite things about the magic of tv is the ability to completely escape into the stories they create. More specifically, the love stories. At some point in my life I realized that I am a hopeless romantic and quickly become obsessed with the couples that appear on my screen. So, specifically sticking to tv shows, out of everything I watched, here are my top ten couples of all time (or at least of the moment).

(As I was writing this I realized that I have not in fact watched as many things as I thought I have because I found myself thinking about multiple couples from the same show.

Seth and Summer, The O.C.

Starting off with my favorite case of opposites attract! The model example of nerdy guy and popular girl. Seth being the awkward and nerdy yet charming and cute guy that he is, Summer inevitably fell in the end. Completely unexpected couple, according to social norms, and yet when they got together, it just matched perfectly.



Matt and Elektra, Daredevil

What really solidified them in this list was when Matt told her that he would drop everything if there was even a slight chance that they could be together. If you watched the show, you know that up until that point Matt valued being a vigilante and trying to bring peace to Hell’s Kitchen more than anything. So when he made that decision and was ready to act on it, it showed his pure devotion to the relationship. And when Elektra was also willing to change for him, it just made my love stronger for them. Although life happened, and things didn’t work out, their few moments really sold me.

Stiles and Malia, Teen Wolf

Once again, another couple that sadly didn’t end up together. I’ll be honest, this one is very interchangeable. I don’t mind Stiles with Lydia or Malia. On this particular day I’m leaning more towards him and Malia. Their dynamic was one of my favorites. Without giving out spoilers, the way he grounded her and helped her manage her emotions was beautiful. Stiles was her anchor. Their love was pure, innocent and fun. My three favorite combinations.



Ian and Mickey, Shameless

Oh, this couple…. they’re fun. This couple is such a rollercoaster. From being acquaintances with benefits, to the cringy (in the best way) cute couple worrying about their wedding, they definitely went through a lot. Mickey evolved from thinking nothing more of Ian than someone to hookup with to literally throwing himself in jail just to be in the same room as him. Ian fell from the start, but no one could’ve predicted how much Mickey cared for Ian during the time he was being treated for bipolar disorder. Even though they went through rough, rough patches, in the end it only made their love stronger.

Glenn and Maggie, The Walking Dead

A recurring theme you’ll notice is that I apparently have the worst love detector on the planet or I just have a kink for tragic love stories because the majority of these couples don’t actually end up together. Glenn and Maggie are no exception. Although it should’ve been expected, given that this couple is set in a zombie, (or rather walker) apocalyptic world, the inescapable demise of them broke me. After fighting together for years, searching for a place to permanently call home, getting married, and eventually getting ready to have a baby, (spoilers) Glenn gets his head bashed in with a bat wrapped in spikes and Maggie is left all alone. They didn’t deserve that ending and even though I know it happens in the comics, I’ll never forgive the writers for actually going through with it.

Mindy and Danny, The Mindy Project

Enemies to lovers will always get me, when done right and Mindy and Danny… they do it right. Because their relationship stretched long throughout the show, we had the pleasure of seeing them slowly transform from two people who hated each other to two people madly in love. Seeing how they both put down their egos to admit their feelings for each other constantly reassures me that love is out there.


Kate and Anthony, Bridgerton

Despite only just being released and having only one season of their love to show for, Kanthony has shot right up on my favorite couples of all time list and currently sits in the number four spot comfortably. Once again, enemies to lovers, you are superior. The longing gazes, the quick, fun banters, Anthony going “You are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires.” They’re just perfect.


Scott and Allison, Teen Wolf

A theme you’ll notice in this list is that I love “first love” stories. I don’t know why but the pureness that comes with a couple who have just fallen in love for the first time and is learning how to navigate that will always capture me. Scott and Allison is the perfect example of this. Despite their tragic end, their relationship still owns a piece of my heart.




Shawn and Angela, Boy Meets World

These two defined the term twin flames. They matched in ways that might have caused a rift between other couples. They both had fears about getting seriously involved because of their history but in the end they couldn’t deny the inescapable pull bringing them together. Most importantly, despite it taking place in the 90’s, and them being on the first serious interracial couples then, their relationship was never reminded of their racial differences. Angela was unapologetically black but not in an obnoxious stereotypical way and Shawn never treated her like a fetish or conquest (something that is unfortunately hard to find these days) Their relationship was defined by their emotional and cognitive connection. Angela allowed him to show a part of himself he kept hidden as a way of protection and Shawn helped Angela learn to love despite her fears. Until further notice, I will be pretending that Girl Meets World didn’t happen and that they eventually got married in the end.

Stefan and Elena, The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Elena… To me, they define the purest form of love.

It may be basic of me, it may be boring, but since 2012 when I first started the show, they’ve never been topped. Maybe it’s because they were the first tv couple that I ever got invested in or the fact that I just love “pure” couples. Some might say their love was too easy or didn’t go through enough hardships, (which is a lie) but honestly that’s a part of why I love them. And the moments when they did go through things they communicated their feelings and respected each others decisions. Love doesn’t have to be a constant fight for the others attention. Just because it’s easy doesn’t make the relationship any less real.

I was absolutely devasted when they broke up. Despite my love for the enemies to lovers trope, the storyline of Elena falling in love with Stefan’s despicable brother, Damon, did absolutely nothing for me. Stefan was her soulmate. Her epic love. I will never get over them.