Learning Something New

Learning Something New

Tara Geigel, Staff Writer

I was laying on my bed listening to music wondering what to do one Saturday night. Jack Johnson was singing about banana pancakes or some equally inane nonsense while strumming away on a ukulele.

Then it happened.

My mom had asked me if I wanted to go out with her and her friends. I had a decision to make. I could either go out with my friends to some unappealing club and watch underage teenagers dance to horrible EDM music OR check out a new spot with some people in their forties trying to relive their youth.

I chose the latter.

Normally, when I think of ‘mother-daughter’ bonding, I think of shopping or some other unassuming activities. Luckily, my mom usually invites me to pretty awesome places like a Bon Jovi concert we went to a few years back, so I knew she would have an awesome place in mind.

We ended up at Pier 115 Bar and Grill in Edgewater, New Jersey. It was a nice difference to the dive bars I usually frequent.

Throughout the whole night, with the view of the Hudson River in sight, I actually had a really good night with the old people. Plus, I learned a few things about my mom I had no idea about.

We both had the same taste in beer, we enjoy small, intimate settings and we actually had a very stimulating conversation that didn’t involve school or work. It was an unusual bonding moment between us and I cherished every moment.

Also, seeing my mom in a different light was interesting. She wasn’t the overprotective, annoying parent I knew her as. She opened up to me and I definitely appreciate that.

Growing up, I always thought of my mom as the overprotective, annoying parent. Recently, that has changed. While I’ll still enjoy going to basement shows or going to questionable clubs, I’ll always remember that one awesome night I got to spend with my mom.