Facial Yoga, the Key to Beauty?


Traditional yoga originated in India and is a common method to calm and purify the mind and body. However, nowadays new yoga for health and diet has introduced various types of yoga with a modern flare.

Regardless of where you’re from, the desire for a beautiful face is universal. Hasn’t timeless beauty been considered a baby face? Even if famous cosmetic brands have released new anti-aging products competitively, that is not a fundamental solution. In addition,  people are exposed to excessive sunlight, pollution, bad nutrition and stress, which cause premature aging of facial skin. And thus, these factors make us look tired, sick and old. There is one secret that will have you looking better for years to come. Disciplines of yoga are diverse such as this new form of the ancient activity called “facial yoga”, “facial yoga” claims to be the key to a youthful face.




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Facial yoga isn’t only good for looking younger. It can be effective in staying healthy as well! To put it concretely, facial yoga helps to improve the circulation of facial bloodstream by stimulating the blood vessels and discharging toxins that reside in our face. So, if you do facial yoga, it can solve your skin troubles and you can have a cleaner skin tone! In other words, you look healthier! Moreover, there are additional effects. Facial yoga is even good for facial muscle development. At the same time, it prevents the creating of wrinkles. So, we can have a beautiful smile while looking well and young!

Especially, facial yoga is good for young college students because we should use preventive measures of aging before creating wrinkles. And also, the older we get, the less our facial muscles have flexibility. That’s it. Now it’s time to learn facial yoga. Initially, it recommends exercising in front of a mirror to help you to identify each muscle’s movement.

It’s said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. They reflect to our feelings: joyfulness, sadness, anger, and love. The eye muscles support the eyes and shape it. And these muscles cause our eyes to open wide and are responsible for eye closer. So, the weakening of these muscles produces weary eye look. Today, especially, let’s exercise the part of the eyes from above. Follow me!


1. Place your index fingers underneath the eye brows by positioning the hands towards each other.


2. Lift up and hold.


3. Now, contract the eye’s muscles without closing the eye lids for 5 seconds, and release.



Additionally, in facial yoga, the fingers play a role in adding pressure resistance to muscles’ contraction by putting on their weights.

4. OK, let’s do 10 repetitions.


Now, here is another exercise. Neck’s muscles are connected to facial muscles, so neck exercises can help smooth facial lines and also a swan neck is considered as a symbol of beauty and nobility.



1. Lift your arms above your head and meet your hands against each other.
2. Let’s do this from side to side 10 times by watching the video.

OK, good job! These exercises make your facial skin and muscles get younger, so the facial yoga is good for a healthy look as well as preventing aging. Each exercise consists of 10 times repetition. It just takes half an hour per day, invest only thirty minutes! By doing the facial yoga, I hope that everyone has a healthy face and looks refreshed.