Should not take things for Granted

Should not take things for Granted

Jose-Ramon Serrano, Staff Writer

In the days we are living; we as people take many thing’s for granted. The one thing we take for granted is life. We live a which free; in which we can do what ever we want. Expertly in the country we live in called the U.S.A. We live in a country democracy and freedom. A system of government in which power is vested in the people, who rule either directly or through freely elected representatives. If you really look at it we as people of the U.S have power to make things happen. We have the power to protest, make a movement, to fight minimum wage to go up, and mush more.

But life in the U.S is to easy; why I say that is because we have everything we need to make a living. As I look at other country and place; they don’t have that same freedom as we do. Look what’s going on in Syria how one type of group took over most of the country of Syria and force the residence to move out of Syria. How do you thing they feel? How do you think they felt to leave everything they had behind to movie to an other country. All because of one type of group.

They must of felt destroyed, depress, stress, and much more feeling. Some must of lost their family members. I could just imagine feeling they of losing their mom or dad. In fact is the worst feeling you can have within a person. When you come tools at as a point of view you can tell that freedom is not place in the country Syria or if it was it sure did not feel like it. It’s not right for a group to take over city’s or part’s of a country that is not own to that a group. Here we are in the U.S not going through that type of situation.

Just put yourself in their situation or imagine if you was one of them. What would you do…?

What steps you would have taken…? Many would say “ I don’t know” or “ I just don’t want to imagine myself in that situation.” But here we are in the U.S. we here taking life for granted. Living a free life and living a life of peace is not easy to other’s, but easy to us. We live a as  american people taking life, freedom, and much more for granted.

Many American people don’t even know how to appreciate the life they have or what I can say the blessing in life. It’s kind of scary because many will not know the true value life. There’s this say “ Life is too short,” if you really think about it. It really is. You could have seen so many people you know and find out the day they passed away or something has happen to them. At time’s it’s even worst news for you or to someone.

That’s why we should not take life for granted. If you feel like you do; than you really need to look at what’s going on in the world and around you.