Scream Shows We’re Stunted

Scream Shows We’re Stunted

Realizations hit me as I prepared for a rewatch before the next Scream installment.

It’s an example of more brilliant satire that was lost on me. At least until the fear and fatigue that was lost on me. The franchise isn’t just genre-savvy, it’s wise beyond its intent. There’s no attack on fandoms but the revelation of the worst within. Those who, if people in production are lucky, pop up for a few weeks instead of a while.

With the wait for another installment, there’s a victim that no one’s spotted. It’s not a survivor or someone staying off the screen. It’s nostalgia being carved up, the knives digging in and lifting it off the ground.

Kept alive and used as something to abuse for an excuse. As people think of something that could be the best cut. Forced on ice or prematurely taken out and ingested for the next time. When it’s facing the grinder of toxicity, it’s hard to tell.

People have argued or claimed that nostalgia would be considered a moral weakness or mental disorder. They are living in the past, leeching off our potential in the present. It isn’t the problem, and it’s the people who won’t let go. They are unable to bite their tongues and feel something new.

They’re possessive to the point it’s clear where the movie drew its inspiration. Scream told us that people want to avoid new stories and crave familiarity.  They have their hopes but weigh them down with being close-minded. Potential could become a  perceived sin they can’t stomach and will lash out about. 

The satire states that nothing can be new to a specific rate. It can be reversed or twisted, but it’s not going anywhere, even as a soft reboot. Writers are supposed to take cues not to rely upon crutches with their material.

Like having every new main character either be directly related to a previous one or be that archetype. There can’t be a single one where the support doesn’t completely define the character. This lens shows everyone on or behind a Scream as a victim. Even if you enjoy it all. 

Entire projects have been turned around, and newer versions of a character end up the same. A legacy and the original become impossible to differentiate. I’m not insulting Scream 6 but pointing out how Scream 5 shows toxicity and the crutch of nostalgia. It holds itself out to be examined after stating the obvious.

It wants to cut down on what can fester. 

Scream presents a backbone, unlike others who end up cutting things from their projects.  Or delivering whole new versions of their projects. An infamous recent incident where an audience being abusive and obnoxious got their way was the Snyder Cut. 

I liked the movie, but I hate how we got that movie. It’s too similar to how someone who’s bullied hands over their money and does someone else’s work for them. They don’t submit to this pressure and give them what they want. It’s storytelling to make their frustration stall at some point.

This inertia, unfortunately, expands to other areas. While Scream never displays specific themes, there are very recent examples.

Fans of any media can see a spark or potential of love between characters. Which is fine to interpret or speculate even if others don’t see or want it. I once enjoyed a show to a certain point until fans managed to get rid of the actual established love interest.

Because their idea of who the pairing should be was their focus, even though it was never shown on screen. Currently, there’s an incident where several individuals falsely accused an actor. Fans of the said show who disliked his portrayal resonated with it.  Especially since he was being built up as the love interest later on.

So these people took to this campaign as an excuse to have him removed. They’ve agreed to overlook questionable evidence if they still get their desired outcome. Like many frustrating issues, these people are stubborn enough to stand by it. 

Sometimes it’s not the material that didn’t age well but the fans with it. The only thing that builds up in their minds is their desire. Different fandoms show the threats and utter campaigns dissatisfied people will make. People will find their corner and soapbox when they dedicate themselves to obsession and hate.

Or it’s a simple sign of bigotry.

I can speak as someone like them who had emotionally invested in a project then there should be, but I hold my tongue. I’d rather cut it out then become one of the personifications of being petty. I’m annoyed, but I’m not on the warpath. The Scream movies helped me develop restraint for that. My family members are hyped for an upcoming film, but I completely dread it.

What I feel about this subject is the equivalent of someone sick of political disagreements with their family. I thought about repeating my point repeatedly to anyone who listened, then realized I’m not someone making a video essay. I’m not ready to rant, I like listening to some who do, but that’s not me. I’m not presenting examples and think smugly that a studio will take notes. 

But there are things to look forward to in this madness and the cutting room floor. I’m not here to promote the incoming installment or just for its praise. I’m saying it’s braver than some productions, and I can’t wait for their newer underlying tones in the new movie.