Stronger Than Ever: Muscle Mommies

Stronger Than Ever: Muscle Mommies

Have you heard about the new muscle mommy trend? Women are no longer doing diets or doing pilates they lifting heavy weights and and drinking creatine. These women are called “muscle mommies” and they are not scared to dominate and use the weight area at the gym, an area where it’s predominantly used by men. 

This new beauty trend is mainly seen on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. Many women and young girls are changing their bodies and are much more muscular than before. They are taking the weights into their own hands and stopped leaving the weights only for the men. Not every girl that goes to the gym is considered a muscle mommy, in order to be a “certified” muscle mommy you have to have muscular arms, legs, and back. Many muscle mommies are being recognized and honored for breaking the norm of being slim and skinny and not being scared to transform their bodies. 

What do men think about this trend? There have been several videos circulating the media about men giving their opinion on the new muscle mommy idea. Many have said negative comments and others say they are not attracted to muscular women. There was a viral TikTok where a muscle mommy named Hunter, reads a comment on her TikTok page, which says  “You’re pretty, but I don’t like muscular girls.” Hunter then proceeds to make a heart shape with her hands, she then breaks it apart and gives her two middle fingers and captions the video “Like I give a fu**.” Throughout the video, Hunter has a very sarcastic tone implying that she does not care what men think about her. 

After this video went viral Hunter received many positive comments mainly from other girls praising her body and giving her a confidence boost.

Other girls on TikTok left comments like “Hun, they just don’t want stronger girls than themselves.” or “My ex didn’t let me work out cus he didn’t want me bigger than him…. don’t worry, it’s allll insecurity and laziness.” Implying that these types of men are just insecure to go out with a muscular girl in public. 

I think it’s more than fair for women to change their bodies the way they desire to. I think beauty standards should not hold a woman back from desiring how her body wants to look like. At the end of the day, women have muscles too! It’s not fair that only men are allowed to work them out!

A muscular woman should not be looked frowned upon. We should not shame a woman just because she wants to change her physique. On the contrary, we should acknowledge muscle mommies for breaking decades of stereotypes and being able to use heavy weights in the gym that were supposedly only left to use by men. 

If women date men with muscles why can’t men date women with muscles? Girls have muscles too.