Back to School (College)


Waheed Burns, Staff Writer

Summer’s over and we’re already a month into the new school year. Summer sixteen was one to remember but now everyone is back to their regular schedules. Wake up, brush your teeth, get a small breakfast, and then hit class. Even though most people complain about waking up and going to class, most people still go! Why is that? Since elementary school kids have been told to do well with their studies so that they would be granted access into the finest colleges. They are told that college is the gateway to wealth and success. Even though it’s not the only way to success it was the most preached about. So for that reason alone people are settling back into the routine and going back to school. In this case college.
Mercy college campus looks bigger and brighter than ever. This year it is full of new faces, new clubs, and more people. I took time out my day to get up with some of these college students. My interview wasn’t a regular interview. College was different from when your parents went to school. Today we have smart phones and computers, so not did I only do a face to face interviews I also did face time interviews, and interviews through social media.
My first interview was outside main café in Mercy Hall face to face with Kristina Lee who is a senior at Mercy College. Kristina told me that she is a Health Science major/ Physician Assistant major. She was able to dorm on campus and get the full college experience. When asked her favorite college experience she says “Just every event because it kept the campus alive. Mercy isn’t the biggest campus but we did have our fun here without getting into trouble and staying focused on our studies.” But she informed me on her worst experience. One day she said she had three exams all in that day back to back to back. Shay says “The night before I had to pull an all-nighter and studied for all three of the exams.” My eyes instantly widened. She passed all three with the help of coffee but eventually she ran out and had to fight sleep. For her the hardest thing about college was balancing her work and social life without failing or slipping up on her studies. Kristina said “sometimes work piles up out of nowhere and it’s just very overwhelming at times. I often work late and when I’m off I have to study so I didn’t have much time for the social life I was expecting.” “I came to college to make a living, to actually get education that will lead me to a promising career.” We discussed how hard it is obtaining a job without having a degree.
My next interview was through text message with another mercy senior named Astrid Peña who is a Media studies major with specialization in TV/Radio. She also minors in communications and public relations. She says “My favorite part of college was meeting new people and getting a fresh start.” Her least favorite memory at Mercy was having to write a fourteen-page paper on auto-tune. She said fourteen was too harsh and I agreed. Astrid really didn’t like waking up early to attend classes hat each lasted up to three hours. She said most college students feel the same way. She isn’t from New York either, she is from New Jersey. She came to Mercy because she wanted to go to school in New York and actually be studying something she can see herself having a career in. By the way she speaks you can tell Astrid is about her money.
For my next interview I decided to face time one of my friend Wyatt Nahon and get his outlook on college. For those who don’t know what face time is then you either live under a rock or not team iPhone. He instantly told me his negative experience before anything. I’m guessing he didn’t like it as much as the Mercy kids. He says “I didn’t like dealing with the guidance counselors and their difficulties on what classes to sign up for. When I first started I took five classes each semester.” He says the hardest part about attending college is life hassles because it was a community college had also had to deal with home life as well. He said if he had room and boarding life would be easier and wouldn’t have to have a job while going to school. Wyatt did like going to play basketball in the open gym session though. He is a Liberal Arts major but says “ I only went to a community college because I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life fresh out of high school.
Another student i interviewed was named Chavis Pigott. His major is business and he says his favorite thing about college is the girls. when i asked him what was his favorite part of college is he instantly cut my off and said” the girls man.” Chavis said ” The girls are fun but to be honest i came hear to be successful and do something with my life. i can’t walk around a dummy, i need to further educate myself if I’m going to be respected and taken seriously in this society.” Just like Astrid, Chavis hates waking up early for class. He also commutes and hates being stuck in traffic. He sates ” The traffic is the blow because i try to get to class on time and sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. The buses stop every two second, people are speeding, girls doing make up while driving, its crazy out there.
A lot of people take college seriously and plan on furthering their education hoping to became successful at their craft. College comes with both its pros and cons but for the most part pros. college is a place you pay to study what you want to you want to learn and not the stuff being forced down your throat. the interviews i had were face to face, by text, and Face Time.the world revolves around technology so why not use it to our advantage. the people i had had many positive thought about college, most just didn’t like homework and being overwhelmed. they all still attend and keep going because they have the drive to be someone in life. there’s always time for fun but the fun ended summer sixteen and its time to be in grind mode. already a month into the school year and everyone is back to the regular program.