Fight to The End In The Presidential Race

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks at a rally in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States October 14, 2015. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson - RTS4IJU


Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks at a rally in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States October 14, 2015. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson – RTS4IJU

Jose-Ramon Serrano, Staff Writer

April 14 was an important day for the Democratic Presidential candidates Vermont Sen. Bernie   Sanders and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as they kicked off the Brooklyn Democratic Debate before the New York State primary.

Both candidates had to do their best in the debate to get as many votes as they can.  Sen. Bernie Sanders was ask by the CNN Moderator Wolf Blitzer “Do you believe that Secretary Clinton has the judgment to be President?” because of the remarks that Sen. Sanders talked about Secretary Clinton judgment qualifications to become President.

Sen. Sanders responded stating, “I known Secretary Clinton for 25 years and we worked together in the Senate. I said that in response to the kind of attacks we were getting from the Clinton campaign. Washington Post headline says Clinton Campaign Says Sanders is Not Qualified to Become President. Secretary Clinton has the experience and intelligence to be president of course she dose, but I do question her judgment which voted for the Iraq war, the worst foreign policy in the history of this country and vote for every disaster tread agreement; which cost us millions of dollars.”

As Sen. Sanders attacked her about her judgment, former Secretary of State Clinton respond back on the attack.

“He questions my judgment. The people of New York voted for me 2 to be their Senator and President Obama  trusted my judgment and ask me to become Secretary of State of the United State.” As the debate continue on Former Secretary Clinton attack Sen. Sanders about the long interview he had with The Daily News “ Sen. Sanders had a long interview with  New York The Daily News, talk about judgment and talk about the kind of problems he had answering question and even his core issues  about breaking up the banks, when ask he could not explain how that can be done; when ask about a number of his foreign policy he could not answer about Afghanistan, Israel, counter terrorism; except to say if had some paper in front of him maybe he could. I think you need to have the judgment on one day to be come President and Commander in Chief.”

Judgment became a key point in the Brooklyn Democratic Debate,  as Sanders attack Secretary Hillary about her paid speech transcript and Wall Street and Super PACs while Clinton attacked Sen. Sanders about gun laws, not able to answer questions, and his tax return.

At Charlie’s Bar and Kitchen located at 112 Lincoln Ave in the Bronx hosted a debate where Sanders and Clinton supporters attended the debate to watch the event. Both sides was shouting for who they support. Nelly Mobley, a Sanders supporter, gave some fee back about what she thought of the debate.

“So far I think it’s been pretty fair, both try to show their point of what they believe to be strongly in. They both have failures, but I don’t think it’s fair to talk about gun control to Bernie because Vermont is not really a high crime state. The same way I think Hillary has to take some responsibility for Glass Steagle, and Dodd-Frank does not fix all the problems for the bank institution.

“Right now, they just had a new report that shows five big banks that still show that they don’t have a plan B. If the banks were to fail again as they did in 2008, their plan B is again to seek help from tax payers. We would have to bail them out again.”

An undecided voter at the event put his two cents in. “I think that socialism is definitely a movement with the economy we have right now and our millennials they trying to seek a different party rather than a Democratic. Of course socialism is under the Democrats, but they trying to see  movement especially with everything that’s going on in Syria. Bernie is definitely a popular vote for the millennials; but Hillary Clinton is definitely a pro-movement for the women in power. It’s definitely a new movement in the Democratic party. Now Bernie is definitely pro veterans, and that’s important to me because I personally feel that it will affect me due to the fact that my husband is a veteran himself and he fought for this country. Hillary is also pro veteran, but I feel Bernie is a better candidate when it comes to the veterans,” said  Jacqueline Rodriguez.

Veterans is an important point for an undecided voter like Rodriguez. But to the Clinton supporters had another point of about the debate.

“I think people are getting so caught up in the rhetoric and they are not getting caught with in the facts that’s actually drives a leader to make decisions. Hillary Clinton is someone who is able to delve deeply into policy and actually address the problems that effect us and not give us the rhetoric and the talking points that express the problem, but actually goes about giving us the date and the information that we need so solve the solution, which is Hillary Clinton,” said Justin Westbrook-Lowery.

Lowery feels that Hillary Clinton could solve the problems that the U.S. is facing.

Many wish they were inside of the location where the Brooklyn Democratic Debate hosted at, but for a Mercy College student Aleatha Williams got the opportunity to attended the debate. “It was my first time ever attending a Democratic Debate and had a wonderful experience watching both candidates go at it, but my support still goes to Clinton,”she said.

The moment has come for the New York primary both candidates worked really hard to get as many vote as they can. As Sen. Bernie Sanders campaign all over New York City and thousands of supports came out to see Sanders and those that are undecided voters as well. It was a must win for Sen. Bernie Sanders.  When the polls closed, the winner announce was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,  58 percent to Sen. Sanders 42 percent. Secretary Clinton won because she received the most vote from New York City, Rockland County, Orange County, Westchester  County, Nassau County, and Suffolk County. That led to wining of New York primary.

Looking at the Republicans party front runner Donald Trump won the New York State primary by 60.4 percent, which was a big win for Trump as he gets closer to the nomination. Now it leaves Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich fighting even harder for delegates.