Career and Professional Development Plans Virtual Multi Alumni Career Fair

Career and Professional Development Plans Virtual Multi Alumni Career Fair

The Career and Professional Development Department at Mercy College will be partnering with Higher Talent to host a Virtual College Fair for Mercy Alumni who are seeking career advice, networking opportunities and Employment post-graduation. This virtual multi-college fair will be conducted in a two-day six-hour virtual session which will take place on, Thursday, May 12 and Friday, May 13 commencing at 9AM and 10AM respectively.

Sara Shepherd, Employer Relationship Manager at Mercy College explains what will take place on each day of this virtual event.

“On the first day, there will be an employer group information session where various organization like Cross Border Solutions and New York Life will host group sessions to talk about their organization, opportunities, organizational culture, their benefits or whatever they decide to share on that particular day that pertains to their company with the alumni in attendance,” Shepherd said. “On the second day, the session will be organized differently from the previous day.  There will be short interviews between the employers and the candidates. For instance, candidates may be signing up because they went to an uncommon school’s information session and they want to apply for the job so they sign up  for a one-on-one session that will allow them to have a face-to-face interview with employers online that that they interested in meeting with.”

Shepherd adds that Mercy College is going above and beyond to help students secure a job after graduation by equipping them with knowledge that can help them to navigate a path to Career success.

“We do everything we can possibly think of to help students find jobs to sustain them after the completion of their studies. If you are a senior, you should be receiving emails from us every two weeks with a list of jobs that are full time from employers that we have a direct relationship with, and we also include any other information that we think might be helpful for students to utilize. For example, how to schedule an appointment with their career coach. We are also hosting a Senior Survival workshop to give students additional assistance and career guidance.”

Shepherd stated that this career workshop will be beneficial to students because it will give them the tools and information that they need to transition from a College student to the Professional world in their respective fields of study.

“Students can look forward to meeting with people who are hiring and learning about the different careers that exists in the professional workforce and the various jobs available that are the right fit for them. It might also give students more information on the criteria for jobs that they are seeking to apply for, and it will definitely give them the opportunity to properly network and meet professionals in their field that will hopefully help them to land a new job which is the ultimate goal.”

Shepherd adds that helping students to find careers is always a priority at Mercy College, “The most important reason why students go to college is to find a career that is fulfilling to them, so it is important that we go above and beyond to make that process a smooth and easy one for them.”

The Career and Professional Development Department want to emphasize that information from these sessions are primarily for Mercy Alumni or recent graduates from the College. They also want to advise Alumni to be in full attendance to take advantage of these informational sessions as they are apart of the resources that Mercy College provides for students who are in need of professional advice.

For more information on this upcoming event, login to CampusGroups to RSVP and see detailed information about this senior event or you may reach out to a career coach from the Career and Professional department who will be happy to assist you with signing up for this virtual ceremony and answer any questions that you may have regarding your attendance.