OP/ED: Jennifer Lawrence’s Nudie Pics Aren’t For Your Eyes


Privacy is a virtue, and seems to even be a privilege nowadays.

Internet privacy has always been an issue, but this is getting worse and worse as the days go by. Actually, it is getting ridiculous.

Seems to be great that all these celebs got their nudies leaked on the web for all you gawkers out there, but  in really, it is very sad and pathetic. They were probably all trying to just show a significant other a little something something, which we can all say that we are guilty of. (Right?)

Some people are saying that the celebrities get what they deserve because they decided to choose the life that they live and that is such bull. Celebrities are people just like we are and getting their nudes leaked isn’t their fault. It is a crime, the same as someone breaking into your home or device and rummaging through your personals.

Sometimes, there is a blind eye towards the celebrities that donate or do positive things, but the second a nip slip is leaked, everyone knows everywhere.

Lets talk about Snapchat and how many nudes everyone sends on that app. That seems to be the purpose of it, right?

A one to ten second timer of a picture, a notification if someone screenshots it: the perfect set up for a nudie free for all.

While Snapchat promises us to delete the pictures as soon as the timers up, snap chat received just one star for its policy of publishing law enforcement guidelines.

Surprised? Because I’m not in the slightest.

The annual survey by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights group, evaluated more than two dozen companies on several factors, including whether they require a warrant before handing over communications and whether they notify their users and the public about government data requests.

In other words, Snapchat was surveyed about how private their app was and they did very poorly.

“This is particularly troubling because Snapchat collects extremely sensitive user data, including potentially compromising photographs of users,” the EFF report said. “Given the large number of users and nonusers whose photos end up on Snapchat, Snapchat should publicly commit to requiring a warrant before turning over the content of its users’ communications to law enforcement. We urge them to change course.”

Now lets pretend we are celebs for a minute, and our nudes that we send all over Snapchat were leaked. What now?

Many people would be left speechless and wrecked, which is how they probably feel too. Just because Kim Kardashian is married to a god and Jennifer Lawrence is the closest thing to perfection doesn’t mean that their reputation doesn’t matter.

While it is not clear who leaked these photos, they hoped to receive a moment of infamy. But what these hackers don’t notice is that they are revealing something everyone knows, CELEBRITIES ARE NAKED UNDERNEATH THEIR CLOTHING.

Soak that in. It shouldn’t be that shocking.

I don’t know whether or not these celebs are taking this to court or filing for a lawsuit but this shouldn’t be taken lightly. We all should know by now what a naked body looks like but why humiliate these individuals and be able to get away with it?

It started with getting away with leaking nudes and then next is harassment and assault. Dramatic? Yes! But us women must stick together and show these dogs that it’s not OK for this to happen.

What I don’t understand and will never understand is that there are porn stars with perfect photo shopped bodies that are willing to show it off. Look those up, pervs.  They are available and open for business. Why ruin someone’s life by leaking their private business?

For most of us, privacy is more of a misconception; a misconception that we create so we can feel protected as we move through our lives. A misconception that makes us believe that some things about are lives are kept in private without judgmental eyes and voices. If you’re not a middle class, straight, white man with a dream house and the perfect job then the more of an illusion your privacy really is.

For celebrities, privacy is entirely fictional. As a celebrity, the public wonder and ask about your personal life, your love and sex life, your family, your bowel movements, and everything else between A to Z. You sign an invisible contract saying that you can be photographed at any moment. Your family is harassed daily for information and just for simply having your last name.

Since privacy is so rare to have, this is what happens. It easily could have been avoided, and that is true but sending a nudie when you were 21 and single shouldn’t have to haunt you when you are 30 and married with children. Or rich and famous.

This affects celebs more than we may think. No amount of money can erase those nudes from the Internet and being leaked for more than 24 seconds gives at least a thousand of people the chance to see these. Those are moments not for the public, and not for your eyes.

Remember that the next time you are alone in your room, tinkering with your camera.