My Favorite Poem

Is unwritten as it is told by a stand up poet at a poetry slam. ‘ If I was A Love Poet’ by Rudy Francisco. He recites and tells the audience how he feels towards a starbucks barista, whom he saw while walking by wanting to know what her voice sounded like. He got his answer soon after he ordered the first thing off the menu, a chai latte not knowing what either of them was. Her beauty and voice was enough to make him wonder what God’s process of making her was. He bet that he cussed for the first time before turning to an angel and giving them a high five, and saying “God I’m good.” simply because he’s god. 

Francisco contemplates on what he should say if he chose to talk to her. All he had so far was “Hi.” given that’s what he wanted to say, and recognized that he wanted to have more conversations with her he was honest with himself first. He admitted he was nervous, and thought of only good and nice things about her. Honesty is one of the many key factors in any relationship. If you could be honest with yourself who can you be honest to?. He found himself eager to talk about love. Every time he tried to, his hands would cramp up showing him just how painful love can be. When his pencil breaks it is a reminder that “Every now and then love takes a little more work than you planned.” love is blind as he wrote his poems in braille, but never finishes them because love is endless when it is true. Due to this he believed “That real love is like a supermodel before she’s airbrushed.” being pure and imperfect just like the man upstairs (God) intended. 


If Francisco were to have woken up tomorrow morning and decided to write about love, and be a love poet it’d be about the girl working at Starbucks. He’d take himself back to when he learned how to ride a bike for the first time. Being scared not wearing safety pads, and a helmet just so he could get scars to tell the story of how he fell for her. 

The delivery to his sentences and the story he told of seeing a stranger for the first time before giving analogy after analogy of what love is and felt like to him was genius. He put himself in a poet’s point of view if he were to write about love and was a love poet. Hence the title of the poem he recited. Not only do I think it is a great touch to what he would do in regards to loving her and doing everything in his power to get back to her if they were ever separated.  


The poem he recited takes place throughout time in possible scenarios one after the other in the same aspect of analogies. The relationship he tells with his love interest throughout time is explained in different timelines where he was once mason and she was of a higher rank to being a kick drum while she was a snare and belonging to a musician before he died. He tried to find ways to get back to her every single time when they found themselves apart. He tried whispering her name in the winding there’d be some way she could hear him and carved her name into trees hoping she would see them, but she didn’t hear him nor see it. They put coins on his eyes and he used them as bus fare to get back to earth so he could find her. If this isn’t love then I don’t know what it is as you would do anything for the people you love and care about.


Like the many reasons and the topic of love, the poem Rudy Francisco recites is my favorite because he tells the story of how love is beautiful as a person can be imperfect. You begin to love their imperfections and who they are as an individual. Love teaches you lessons and may leave you scars to tell the story of how you fell for someone. When your apart from the person you love you find yourself missing them, but if the struggle of not being able  to see them could lead to heartbreak, the instinct of wanting to see them again and ways to do so sets in. Imagining yourself without your loved one can be unbearable so when you hold their hand you hold on a little too tight in fear that you will lose them.