Very Lucky You!

Very Lucky You!

The bright lights, the music, the noise, and all the crowds of people.

She wants to win too.

She takes out a $20 bill to start

but not putting too much in at the beginning.

She hears people yelling and getting excited.

Don’t look too closely.

Some people have fear in their eyes,

the fear that they will lose too much.


More money is put into the machine, the machine of pure luck.

Buttons to press and a screen to watch.

Money to be made, she desperately hopes.


You don’t use coins anymore just dollars

or the amount of money you have printed on a piece of paper,

which you insert into the machine that you pray will double.


Let me double, no triple my money.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner she says,

copying what they said in the gambling movie “21.”


This will be her night.

The night is young and there is money to be made.

She could switch to one of a hundred different machines

but she stays on the one she is currently at.

Wishing, hoping, praying.

Following what is happening on the screen.

The screen that is attached to the machine

that for her will pour out all that fabulous green money,

but now in the form of a ticket due to new technology.

No more the old sound of coins making ching-ching, and

she kind of misses that.


The lights are still very bright.

The music is still extremely loud

and the exciting noise coming from so many hopefuls

who believe that tonight will be their night of winnings.

“Don’t stop, keep going,” a voice in her head tells her.

This could turn out very bad

or this could end where the man sitting next to her

at another machine looks over

and says “Very Lucky You!”