Code Like A Boss

Code Like A Boss

Code Academy is a website that offers free lessons in basic computer code. When the vast majority of people hear about computer coding, they automatically get intimidated by it. They get terrifying flashes of black screens with neon green glowing lines of “1001011”.  Although series of 0’s and 1’s are used in binary code (another skill that is a little more time consuming to learn but really fun) most people will never have need for binary code.







1011101110011” is decoded to read “The Impact News”


Computers are one of the most powerful machines on earth, and respond to our commands. Even your average home computer can do way more than just check Facebook. Every time you type something into the computer, you are commanding it to perform a task for you. With just a little bit of knowledge the world of computers can open up, and the range of commands opens up when you know how to speak computer language. In all reality learning basic code like HTML is easy when you have the right tools available, that’s where Code Academy comes in. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is the main language for creating web pages and other information to be displayed in web browsers. Basic HTML is an essential skill in this fast paced modern world we live in, especially after most of the internet adopted HTML 5. Beyond just basic HTML Code Academy offers lessons in basic programming, and JavaScript. Knowing basic code can look really great on your resume, and it comes in handy for casual users such as those who want to start hobby blogs.


Code Academy is unique because of its ease of use and simple to understand interface, they even provide social networking motivation by allowing users to pose their process on Facebook and Twitter.  The lessons taught on Code Academy are formulated by people who work in the industry. After trying a few of the lessons on Code Academy, I could say without a doubt that no previous computer experience is necessary to learn how to do basic coding quickly.  There is only one major snag with Code Academy that average users will run into, you will always need an updated browser to use the website, and this is for good reason. To ensure their lessons remain relevant to the world of computing, employees at Code Academy must keep the site as current as possible.  Long story short, check out the site, it can turn even the most computer illiterate grandma into a computer enthusiast.