The Impact

Her Agenda Attempts To Demystify the Home-Buying Process for Millennial Women

(L-R) AJ Barkley, Emma Gray, Carolyn Githieya and Nikki R. Thomas
April 25, 2019

Loan repayment, minimal job benefits, and food insecurity are some of the unwanted life factors that this generation's millennials have to endure. Commonly, these ceasing qualities can contribute to many...

My Obsession With The New “Fyre” Documentaries

My Obsession With The New
January 25, 2019
Just what makes watching a "dumpster fire" unfold so enjoyable? The memes? The aftermath? Or the sheer disbelief of it all? Maybe... all of it.

10 Most Influential Millennials
February 21, 2014

They are called lazy, narcissistic, entitled 20 somethings. The older generations don't understand their lifestyles. Nevertheless, Millennials are the largest and most educated generation among all the...

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