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Who is Kirathesavior?

Who is Kirathesavior?
He's probably the best gamer on campus and only looking to get better
December 21, 2020

 Student by day, gamer by night. This Mercy student has a lot going on in the streaming world. Michael Mills, a sophomore, has been a streamer for a few years now and is looking to make a career out...

Netflix’s “The OA” Transcends Typical Sci-Fi Storytelling

Britt Marling in Netflix's
April 18, 2019

WARNING: SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD Classified angels, everchanging dimensions, near-death experiences, and age-defying relationships. These are definitely mind-bending experiences we don't usually have...

Is YouTube Doomed?

Is YouTube Doomed?
YouTube Community Still Suffering the Effects of #Adpocalypse
October 11, 2017
Platforms like Twitch and Gamewisp may be the future of content creation for gaming channels
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